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Make-up: Art or Masks.

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( If you are on Facebook or Instagram you can’t miss the influx of make-up artists that have emerged. Some of these sisters can literally create a new you, and the art is absolutely amazing. With the degree of art whereby sisters look like a different person we must ask ourselves where the art stop and the mask begin? Are we using this new art to cover what we have not learned to be comfortable with? Young girls that are teenagers, and younger, are now playing in the make-up in ways we were not allowed. Though we can value the art and give a fire presentation in many different settings be it formal, party, business or just a relaxed day out we must be mindful not to forget what we look like. We have to love her.

It is important that we teach our young girls to love their skin, and their face. They need to know they are beautiful in the skin they are in. Make-up should enhance the beauty we naturally have verses trying to give an entirely new face. It is also a time whereby you can spend quality time with yourself getting to know what you like and developing the art aspect of make-up.

For all the positives we must acknowledge that this is another area whereby our girls are growing up too fast. They are deciding they want a new face and learning how to create such. In doing this a mask is being created…and alternate identity that could cause them to lose touch with who they are. When some women argue this isn’t the case all you need to do is look at social media. They are completely engulfed in social media as if that is reality. They watch for the make-up trends and build a selfie collection that all them to get closer to becoming a social media celerity.

This is where the make-up culture becomes dangerous. Its important to teach our young girls that when meeting guys its okay to have an enhanced face, but let’s not deceive them by creating an image that is not true to who they are. Love your eyes, nose lips and skin color as you are. You are already a beautiful work of art. Make-up just adds to the diversity of your beauty…but not the beauty itself as you are more than enough. Stay hydrated and take care of your skin in a manner by which you are not dependent on make-up just to feel your face is presentable.

If this is your art love it, and perfect your craft…just never allow this to cover the beauty that is naturally yours. We live in a world that is constantly shoving beauty standards down our throats whereby no natural state be it hair or face is good enough. We must do all we can to combat that in our children and ourselves. We are a vibrant people with a style that can not e duplicated. We must just remember owning our face is also a bold statement.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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