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Losing My Space.

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( It is rather important to have a space whereby you can shut out the world and turn yourself right side up. There is no right or wrong kind of space. Some prefer to create their space internally while using places such as the gym to get in the space they need to re-center. While others need a quiet intimate set up where they can recharge in the cover of silence. Whichever kind of space helps bring you to peace it can be upsetting when you feel that sacred zone is under attack or, for whatever reason, the space seems to be infringed upon.

The feeling of this lose can cause anxiety and even depression. With so much going on in ones’ life, and the world, many people are hanging on to sanity by a thread. Whatever you an do to constitute a norm must be protected. However, before you get up in arms about losing your space take a moment to be sure it’s a loss. Sometimes your space never left…your life just evolved.

When you enter a new living, arrangement be it marriage or a roommate your life is making an adjustment. Its not that you have lost the space you cherish you just have to make the necessary adjustments and, in some instances, constitute a new space. Yes, this can be disruptive, but life is about change and growing. Learning to adapt to life changes is key in maintaining ones’ inner peace. Furthermore, if the changes are based on something you wanted you can’t allow yourself to be impatient in the adjustment process. Many sisters are praying for marriage, but when it shows up you ought not get upset because you feel your have lost space.

You gained a spouse, and you must co-exist now with this individual which will require your patience as you learn each other. If you are moving in with a best friend…she may want to talk all the time while you find peace in the silence. This was never an issue before living together. Never assume that another knows how you function. Take the time to discuss house rules, boundaries and schedules so you will have a less likely chance of having you space disrupted.

It is important to realize your space is apart of you, and that can never truly be lost. Yes, you might have to change the time, location and method of how you physically constitute you space but you are ultimately in control of the zone that leads to balance in your life. You never want to get so attached to the appearance of your space that you are no longer able to function on the level you need. This can cause you to not only lash out at yourself, but others that you love and need.

This is a necessary part of self care, because when you understand your space you can go into a bathroom stall if necessary and being yourself to balance. Perception is powerful. How you see a situation will govern how much control you have especially when it pertains to your personal life. Find a way that works for you by which you never lose your space.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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