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What if it Was Not a Blessing from God.

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( Too many o us are blaming God for matters that have nothing to do with him. We have free will to make decisions, and we have many things that we bring before God both needs and wants. The problem shows itself in our sheer lack of patience. Some of us have experienced traumatic situations, and in the depths of those matters too many times we have wondered where is God. When the relationship blows up or a life move didn’t work some feel maybe God did want them to be married or in another place, while others blame him directly.

When you are hurting, confused and feeling all is lost it is much easier to look for imperfection in God than to see it in ourselves. We want him to deal with matters once they go haywire, but we may not have sought his council from the beginning. We must have the courage to admit when the situation we deemed a blessing from God had nothing to do with him at all. That may be the beginning of putting life back on track.

So many of us grew up being told God don’t make mistakes as children. However, that is a fleeting thought when we become adults. We don’t have the patience, that we definitely expect from our children and others, to allow God to manifest the blessings we need and desire in our life. One of the best examples is once we decide we are tired of being alone we can make the mistake for settling in a mate. You can know deep in the depths of your being that man is not the one for you, but because you fear being alone you go forward with him. When all hell breaks loose you might find yourself asking God whey he allowed this to happen to you. Even going as far as believing maybe God’s desire for your life is that you be alone. What is being missed is the situation was not of God’s making which is why its spiraling out of control.

It is very hard to look at ones’ self and say okay I have made some mistakes; I have experienced times whereby I allowed fear and insecurity to govern my decisions. However, in doing so we allow ourselves to use the spirituality we believe in to heal and redefine our expectation. Seeing where we are clearly can show us where the true blessing in our life manifest. Accountability is one of the keys to taking control of any situation you are faced with. It does us no good to blame God when our belief in his ability to bless was shaken so we made a decision to fill a void. Getting over the obstacle of facing oneself without the self-loathing puts us in the position to elevate.

In the bible is it said that God “giveth richly and addeth no sorry”. His idea of a blessing is not abusive, demeaning or debilitating. They are always meant to meet our needs, the desires of our heart, and se us on the path of success and fulfillment. If you choose God, then let God be God in area aspect of your life…even the ones hat may require patience. Everything is not a blessing, so allow what is truly for you to come to you.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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