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Getting to the Root of an Addiction.

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(ThySistas.comHave you ever wondered what drives someone to addiction? Addictions can develop due to a number of different circumstances and conditions, but there are generally many ways to get to the root of an addiction if you look at it the correct way.

The signs of an addiction

First, it’s important to identify the signs of an addiction.

  • Unable to stop oneself from taking a substance
  • Withdrawal symptoms after a brief period of being off said substance or activity
  • Showing signs of obsession regarding something
  • Completely altered attitude regarding certain substances and activities
  • Denial of having a problem in the first place
  • Disregarding one’s own health despite the addiction

If you notice these signs in someone (or even yourself) then it may be the early signs of a deep addiction that could cause a lot of pain and frustration. It’s important to ask questions such as “Is alcohol addiction related to panic attacks?” if you feel like you’ve been experiencing panic attacks recently. It’s also important to look at your own health to see if you’re suffering something due to the way you’re neglecting your addictions and the impact they have on your life

Why do people fall into addictions?

In order to get to the root of the problem, we must also take a look at why people fall into addictions in the first place. Here are a couple of the most common reasons for falling into an addiction:


  • Peer pressure. Peer pressure is perhaps the number one cause of people falling into addictions. People that suffer from long-term addictions are usually introduced to their addictions at an early age. Some of these substances can have mind-altering effects that will ultimately put them on the path to addiction.
  • Low self-esteem. Having low self-esteem is another common cause of addiction. This is because drugs, alcohol and other substances can usually cause the user to develop a heightened sense of confidence. As such, they’ll rely on these substances when they head out and it can cause them to develop an addictive personality.
  • Depression. Another leading cause of addiction is depression. People underestimate just how mental health conditions like depression can have an underlying influence on their addictive personalities, and most people aren’t even aware that they are suffering mental health issues that lead to addiction.
  • An addictive personality. Some people develop addictive personalities for one reason or another. This usually means that the person has low self-esteem, is easily influenced by their peers and potentially has a rebellious attitude. These qualities can lead to someone developing an addictive personality which causes them to be highly susceptible to dangerous addictions.


Hopefully, this information has helped you identify what the potential causes of an addiction could be. In addition, it should also serve as a helpful manual to assist you in preventing yourself or someone you know from developing an addiction in the future. Although it might seem like there is no cause for some addictions, there is always a reason.

Staff Writer; Sherry Ross

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