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Cohabitation Gone Bad.

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( Sisters there are some compromises you must think twice about making. Its not a matter of judgement or what someone else thinks of you, nor what you believe in. You must take the time to know yourself and establish what you need and want in a partner and/or friend. There is always room for understanding and compromise, but when it comes to living arrangements there are certain things that must be made clear. We all know the saying you never know someone until you live with them; many relationships are shattered after living with someone that is loved. Though you should always make the precautions necessary to protect yourself in a living arrangement, if there is no trust you should truly reconsider. The lack of trust can not only ruin the relationship, but in the long run it can taint the energy in your home.

If you have decided to live with your significant other it is important to come to the table with your expectations. If you are cohabiting with the expectation of getting married this needs to be known. Not having a truthful discussion of expectations can lead to cohabitation gone bad. You will feel misled, while your partner feels pressured to enter marriage. Communicating clearly about household responsibilities such as how the bills will be handled, and how you will handle items acquired while together is important. Since you haven’t entered the marriage phase don’t treat the living arrangement like a marriage unless that is mutually agreed upon. Not having an understanding can ruin your relationship. There should be no room left for assumption.

Roommates that are friends still require communication and boundaries. You may be excited about a roommate arrangement knowing this will be a good thing because you and your friends have known each other for what seems like forever. However, you much still sit down and talk about financial responsibilities, how food will be handled, household upkeep, and boundaries regarding personal space and items. Nothing I worse than feeling like you are tasked with the financial responsibilities of your home because your roommate does not contribute in a timely manner and communicates poorly.

You don’t want to cook something for you lunch for work only to wake up in the morning to find it was your roommates late night dinner. Borrowing clothes and personal items can become a source of contention when there are no established boundaries. Work schedules can cause the house to be active at different times can effect sleep for some. There are sisters that are very social and love to host at home, while others prefer more peace and quiet. Neglecting to have an understanding can lead to cohabitation gone bad.

We can’t live with everyone we love. However, different life circumstances can lead to cohabitation. Regardless of why you are living with someone it is important to get an understanding before day one. Address major areas leaving no room for assumption. Doing this can save a relationship, or friendship. In having an in-depth discussion, you can find out if cohabitation is a wise decision.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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