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Your Hearing Is So Important. But Why?

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(ThySistas.comLet’s face it, we can all be guilty of taking advantage of our bodies at times. We put food in our mouth expecting to taste it, we open our mouths and expect to talk and have a conversation. We smell, we see and we also hear. But while we regularly check our eyes, and when things like speech and smell go we get that checked, hearing is one of those senses that we can be a little neglectful of. It’s great to go and watch live music, but do we consider the damage that can be caused by it to our hearing?

We use machines like lawn mowers or loud food processors, but don’t take into account the impact it could be having on our hearing. While you can’t avoid never hearing things again and we do have to live, it is important to ensure you take notice of your hearing and understand when things aren’t right. I thought I would share with you some of the things we can actively do to avoid losing our hearing or indeed coping if it does deteriorate.

Getting checked when you notice things are not right

One of the main things we can all avoid doing is getting checked out when we start to notice things aren’t right. This isn’t even specific to your hearing, we can be guilty of this for all sorts of symptoms. Thinking that they will get better or it is just a phase. But for things like hearing, it is important to acknowledge any noticeable changes and to get checked out. It could be something simple, or something where you may need the help of things like hearing aids to improve your hearing of sounds. You can learn more about it online, and it can also mean early diagnosis and improvement over time.

Avoiding any build up of wax

Ears can get a build up of wax very easily, and that often means that we can struggle to hear as a result of this simple issue. Thankfully a buildup of wax can actually be easily treated, and you should notice the difference straight away. You can either do this yourself by ensuring you clean your ears regularly or head to your local doctors to have them syringed to get them back to normal.

Avoiding the stigma or embarrassment of hearing loss

If you are honest, it can be so easy to hide away from a problem than to face it. For things like hearing, people can find that they don’t want to be in situations where the problem is more evident than others. It can be the fear of not being able to communicate or hear the other person properly that prompts you to avoid those situations in the first place. It is definitely not something to be embarrassed of, and instead embrace your new lifestyle and seize it as a chance to get to know people differently.

Could you communicate differently?

Finally, on the subject of getting to know people differently if you do find that hearing is getting more difficult you could focus on different ways to communicate like sign language. It has become a universal language and is even being taught to children as young as nursery age. 

I hope this has made you more aware of why your hearing is so important.

Staff Writer; Alice Poole

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