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Your Work Shouldn’t Push You Beyond Your Limits.

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(ThySistas.comWe’re taught to always market yourself as an individual and make sure you’re the one apple that did fall far from the tree. When applying for a job, this is the exact mentality you need to take so that the employer can see you’re different. That’s what being the best candidate is all about, showing them that you can do things all those other interviewees can’t. When you’re at work thinking this way can be a way to get yourself ahead. It should be the goal of every employee to want that bonus and to get a chance to climb up the pyramid. At times this makes us do things that we wouldn’t normally do.

When our boss tells us to go the extra mile, we feel pressured to live up to this personality that we’ve created. If we say no or fail at a task we know we shouldn’t be doing, we feel as if we will fail a test and not be seen as someone worthy of being promoted. We know our limits, but for the love of money and validation from our colleagues, we want to be show them we are just as good as we say we are.

Resisting peer pressure

Just like any community, there is a hierarchy at our places of work. It’s just natural as human beings have always had this kind of system. But knowing what the value is that is used to determine who is where on the hierarchy is the question you should be asking. Is it the toughest guy or girl, the smartest, the funniest, the prettiest or most handsome? Everyone can see what’s going on, who favors who and how people want to impress a particular person or gain their friendship to serve their needs.

When you’re pressured to do something that you know you shouldn’t be doing because it will get you into trouble, you must resist it even if it means you potentially lose friends. Your professional career should not be manipulated by people that are only concerned by a popularity contest. Peers can pressure you to do things that the boss and managerial staff will greatly punish you for. Just remember that they won’t be taking the wrap for it, it will be you being disciplined in the office.

Other than your role

Tempting though it is, you should never just do anything your boss or the upper management tells you to do. Being pushed beyond your physical limit can cause injuries. For example, if you have a desk role, but you’re asked to help someone lift something heavy up the stairs, you can injure your back. Once injured you’ll be out of pocket because you’re unable to go to work. Laying at home with some ice packs isn’t going to help your financial situation. On you can see what a lawyer can do for you in this instance. Insurance companies are very skilled at proving to a jury that your back injury isn’t as bad as you say it is. An injury lawyer by your side will prove to the jury and the judge otherwise.

Your career means a lot, but it isn’t the end all and be all. Your personal life shouldn’t suffer because of things that occur at work. Rather than just allowing things to happen to you, standing up for yourself is the best form of defense.

Staff Writer; Natasha Gold

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