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Own Your Spirituality.

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( There is power in your spirit. You have the right to decide what belief system you will choose to govern the order of your spirit. Regardless of what you choose it is important to own everything that is strong in your spirit. You are a black woman and there is beauty, strength and power in truly understanding that. You must be able to acknowledge, and accept yourself, in order to tap into the power of your spirit. This is something that sisters can cultivate together as we see the strength in each other.

Furthermore, and it can be difficult to accept, as sure as a man had to have some part in your creation. The brothers in your life that can see the beauty in you and feed you strength…you need them also. They are apart of the fight in your spirit, and there is nothing wrong nor demeaning about that. You must one day teach your daughter about a power that has been in her since the day she was born, and guide her in how to awaken such. However, that path to ownership begins with you.

Some sisters have had a peculiar instinct for as long as they can remember. They feel connected to different seasons, and elements. They are their strongest in particular environments. Some as children were able to see with more than their natural eyes. They were taught about herbs…they’ve been burning bay leaves and sage since they could work a match. Long before their spirits could be set to an order of belief they knew there was a richness stirring on the inside of them. This is an understanding we must return to. It is no good to embrace the magic of our blackness as girls only to abandon the evolution of said magic as women. We must return to ourselves, or find ourselves to truly own our spirituality, and the greatness of it.

When we choose a faith be it indigenous, Christianity, Islamic, or any other of the many choices it is very hard to function in the belief when we deny the power of the spirit within. We can’t see a deity within ourselves, or imagine walking in any degree of dominion when we aren’t comfortable in our own skin. This leads to many praying and shouting out unto God only to feel they are unanswered. Others lift their voice to Allah only to feel abandoned. ]

While some offer unto the Orishas only to earn silence. This is discouraging, and it causes sisters to abandon their faith only to receive the same dormant result in the next they choose. There is a power deep in your being created of both man and woman that must be accepted for any of the above to answer in your favor. To believe in something powerful is to understand you yourself are powerful. Strength and power need a vessel in kind to work though least the vessel be destroyed merely due to weakness.

Own your strength, power, spirituality and the beauty of it sister. You are strong and capable acknowledge this truth so that the faith you choose can manifest itself as a reflection of that power within you. This is the knowledge gift you pass to your daughter, and that your son grows in awe of seeking that same beauty and power when he comes of age. He’ll honor the power and magic in a woman because he grew up experiencing its power via his mother. Your ownership of spirit is necessary to the resurrection of our communities, the empowerment of our fellow sisters, and restoration of our men. You are that important. Your spirit is needed, and the first person it will bless is you.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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