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Be Happy for Her.

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(ThySistas.comWhen great things happen in your life you expect to be celebrated by those that loves you, and the sisters that call you friend. Its understandable that life has challenges, but you would hate to think your people won’t celebrate the engagement, new house/car, new baby, or the job promotion with you. If they aren’t careful the comments made can make your happiness feel like a burden. Success doesn’t feel the same when someone you love is pouring acid rain on your parade. Though they will tell you it’s not you…eventually you might begin to wonder if they are jealous of you. This behavior can literally shut you up making you not want to share anything that is going on with you because you feel no one is genuinely happy for you.

If you choose to confront them on the matter of course they will explain its not you…they are just going through so much. This might ease your mind for a moment…until they begin to comment on what they don’t have, and why it hurts them so badly. You find yourself in a position whereby now you don’t share because you don’t want to hurt them.

Sisters this is wrong! It’s unfortunate that there are women that simply can’t be happy for the women they call sister, cousin, or friend. The truth is too many are suffering indeed, from the spirit of selfishness and jealousy. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you don’t have what you seek because you have been unable to be happy for her. It is heartbreaking when great news becomes a festering sore in you because instead of making it about your people you made their situation all about you. When they became engaged you began to lament about why you aren’t married.

Instead of celebrating you cut yourself off from that person because you couldn’t bare seeing them have what you are still waiting on. Heaven forbid the news is “I’m pregnant”, because now there is constant aching about how you’ll never get to be a mother. When she gets that car or home upgrade all of a sudden, she’s too good for the likes of you. You don’t want to go anywhere with her, so you don’t have to see the car, and though she’s been your bestie since the 4th grade you conveniently missed the housewarming because you were sick. When the truth is you were at home angry about why you don’t have a new house yet.

The issue here is a matter of the heart, and the truth is your heart isn’t the best towards those you say you love. As long as they aren’t doing “better” than you they don’t feel like a threat. It’s a jealousy and envy sandwich. Maybe that negative energy is aiding the lack you feel in your life. The crazy part is no matter what they are going through, regardless of how devastating it may be, when its your turn they need to celebrate you. They don’t know what all you’ve been through to get to your moment, so they need to put a pin in what they are going through and attention you.

Don’t expect that from others if you are not willing to give it. Its not okay to hurt those that do love and support you, because you can’t find it in your heart to be happy for them. Just as they wouldn’t know your struggle to get to what you finally have…you don’t know theirs. Just because you are still waiting on doors to open doesn’t mean their doors were effortless. Don’t lose your relationship to people that genuinely love you, and your blessing, because you didn’t have the heart to be happy for her.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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