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Seize Power Through Taking Ownership.

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( Life can be a wrecking ball at times. There are seasons whereby it seems everything that could go wrong does. We get hurt, attacked, we lose the people that are at the foundation of who we are, and it seems we never have enough for what it is we need. When we feel the affairs of our life are out of control its easy for the down spiral to begin. Getting a degree of ground underneath your feet could be the catalyst needed to re-gain power in your life.

Its understandable that change doesn’t happen overnight, but it has to start somewhere…and that somewhere has to start with you. Its understood that you may be feeling at your lowest point. You may feel like you have hit your wits end, and you have nothing left to give. Understand that in the storm of adversity you will find strength you never knew you had…the key may be ownership.

When the walls feel as though they are caving in we tend to know most of the factors, or people, that are the cause of the confusion. We even recognize when we’ve made decisions that weren’t in the best interest of what we need. Taking all that in, and harboring it, can cause the spiral to descend at a much more rapid pace. Replaying all the areas of fault, or contention, can lead you to feel you will never re-gain control of your life. There comes a point when you have to stand up, and seize the power to take the reigns of your life back. In the beginning this can seem as though taking ownership will make things much worse, but its deliverance.

The truth of life is no one can mediate for you, plan for you, believe for you, manage your grief for you…or re-center you. When you come to realize the power over these areas rest in your hands that can help you to feel there are somethings you can control. This is a profound start. This is not the act of blaming yourself for everything happening in your life. It is deciding that you will take control of the direction of your life verses letting adversity do it for you. It is important to take the steps needed to wield control over your own perspective on matters, and your emotions as adversity shows its head.

In some spaces its easier to say it, but putting positive words into your mouth regarding your life is a start. Talking to someone your trust, or a professional, about your emotions and methods to manage them is taking control of your situation. Taking your negative energy and using it in a positive space such as working out, and meditation allows you to release the negativity from your body…this also clears your head. As long as you wake up each day you have the power to change your life, and set it on a course that you favor.

Taking this step does not absolve circumstances nor people that have wronged you, however, it does strip the power from these areas to control your attitude and behavior. Taking complete ownership of your life if the power move you may need to stop the down spiral, and reconstitute order in your universe.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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