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When in Distress Communicate.

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( It can be a challenge to open up when you are going through an internal crisis. In ones mind it seems logical, while in distress, to feel that those closest to you should understand how you feel. When this is the expectation communication drops with the understanding that she gets it…he gets it, or they don’t love me. This is a huge mistake that can take a devastating toll on your relationships, especially with your significant other. You must allow yourself the space to communicate with those that are a part of your support system, and that needs to happen before you reach your shut down point. The assumption that they, he, knows what you are thinking will lead to you lashing out at others in a manner that can cause deep rifts.

Often times, you aren’t going through challenges alone, and that must always be taken into consideration. When in a relationship one party may silence themselves, because they feel the situation od their partner takes precedence. If this happens your support system can begin to feel unappreciated rather quickly because just as you assumed they needed to understand, they are realizing that you can’t seem to see past yourself.

If you are aware that you battle with depression and anxiety issues, for example, letting others know you feel as though you are sinking into a dark space can better equip them to be of better support to you. Expressing where you are, and what you need, allows others to know how to mitigate their issues so that they can be there for you.

When you don’t communicate, especially with your significant other, you are basically asking them to read your mind. You are asking them to find al the clues you leave in a one word text, or a coded social media message. If they have stress on their job, with their family, or they are also dealing with hardship that isn’t fair. Truth be told…even if they weren’t going though anything demanding another to read your mind is a recipe for disaster. When you are facing challenges, you are not absolved from dealing with others in a reasonable manner…this applies to all. When leave them to figure your space out they run the risk of getting it wrong, and when that happens you become annoyed feeling they just don’t care to understand. When you are in a dark space its very easy to feel no one loves you, needs you, or wants to deal with you. This could be the furthest thing from the truth.

Save yourself the extra drama, and communicate with those you love when you are in a bad space. Let them know what you need, and how you are feeling. They will appreciate you for it, and it allows them to better stand with you. This one thing could save your relationship, because it will keep you from unjustly attacking your partner…hence alienating them. When everyone is on the same page you have proper grounds to address them if you are disregarded, or not taken seriously. However, you can’t assume those things when no one knows you are suffering. Communication will always be key in any situation.

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