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Exercise Aids Pregnancy.

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( Pregnancy is a huge adjustment to the body, and the lifestyle of the mother for the duration of the time she’s carrying her child. It can be an easier transition to working out while pregnant when working out is a regular part of your life. Some women have been told over the years that it is not safe to workout while pregnant. Going to the gym can cause complications, and even miscarriage so exercise should be avoided. We now know that those statements are not the truth. Exercise, and proper stretching is beneficial when you are pregnant. Clearly pregnancy isn’t the time to focus on weight loss, but going to the gym can have a different focus. The goal is to remain as mobile as possible, to help maintain overall health, and to prepare for delivery.

Often times too many women find themselves wanting to sleep more, and lean towards a more sedentary routine. This is understandable if you are experiencing complications, and if you have been placed on bed rest. If you are healthy, and your pregnancy is progressing in good direction it would be a good idea to move. Even if you decide the gym itself is too much for you, as anything can affect you while pregnant including sounds and smells, walking is always a good idea. There are workout videos, and programmed just for pregnant women that allow you to keep mobility and flexibility. Yoga for pregnancy is another avenue to keep you moving and limber. Granted you can’t expect to be able to move, and do, as you did prior to pregnancy…but you can stay active.

Exercise while pregnant is good for your mood, and overall wellness. “Before you begin exercising, remember it is important to talk to your health care provider. If you typically get little or no activity, walking is a great exercise to start with. Walking is usually safe for everyone, it is easy on your body and joints, and it doesn’t require extra equipment. It is also easy to fit into a busy schedule.” You may experience cravings, or find yourself eating a bit more. Some are conscious about weight gain, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia. Having an exercise regimen while pregnant is a good way to combat these things. Yes, there will be weight gain but how much you gain, in a healthy situation, can be managed by exercise.

Preparing for labor is important, and exercise can play a vital role in that preparation. There are exercises like squats that assist in getting you ready to deliver. “Squatting during labor may help open your pelvic outlet to help your baby descend, so practice squatting during pregnancy. To do a squat, stand with feet shoulder width apart and slowly lower into a squat position. You should keep your back straight, heels on the floor and your knees shouldn’t protrude in front of your feet. Hold the squat for 10 to 30 seconds; you can rest your hands on your knees.” Talk to your obstetrician about your delivery plans, and they can help you focus of certain exercises to assist your plans. Your gym may also have classes, and trainers, for pregnant women that focus on delivery preparation.

You don’t want to do too much whereby you cause undue strain to your body. Pregnancy causes enough strain, and it would not be wise to compound such. However, exercise should be a healthy part of your pregnancy. Staying active helps you during pregnancy, and afterwards. Be sure to drink plenty of water, take it easy, and exercise. If you are having trouble with infertility then consider checking out Marie Kertes Fertility Coach: Overcoming Infertility.

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