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3 Reasons Nursing is the Ideal Job for You.

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(ThySistas.comNursing is a traditional role well suited to those who are naturally caring. While nurses may appear to be at the bottom of the hierarchy in a hospital, they are the foundation for most care from making sure that patients are comfortable to taking samples and running tests for doctors.

Becoming a nurse isn’t simple but some people are, it seems, destined to fill the role. So, if you think you might have what it takes to become a nurse, here are 3 reasons to pursue that goal.

Give Back to Your Community

Nursing is a fantastic way to give to your neighbors and community. Caring for the most vulnerable people is a laudable way to spend your day. The results may be small and hardly noticed, but when a patient thanks you for your care, it will make all the effort worth it.

But it’s not just your community who can benefit. Nurses are needed all around the world so, if you are not yet tied down with family, you can use this opportunity to take your skills to those who need the most help. There is nothing more amazing than being able to help people wherever you go.

Develop Your Skills

Though much of nursing is about basic care, as you progress in your career, there are real opportunities to develop your skills and gain further educational qualifications. Once you have become a registered nurse (RN) you can join an RNBSN online program to continue your training.

Nurses have brilliant opportunities to build on their skill sets and work their way up through the ranks. They also make a good wage and can use their flexible hours to ensure that they are around for the families too.

Set an Example to Your Children

Ask any nurse why they love their job and they will give you a thousand different reasons but one of the best is to set a good example to their children. Lots of parents go to work every day to earn a living, but how many can honestly say they are proud of the difference their job makes?

More than just a job, nursing really is a lifestyle; caring for people is a way of life that you don’t leave at work when you go home. It is no 9-5 office job. Showing children this sort of amazing lifestyle is possible will teach them that there is more to a job than paying the bills. They must take pride in what they do and be sure that it is not just good for them, but good for other people too.

Nursing isn’t for everyone, but with a shortage of nurses in so many places, it seems that as a planet, we could really do with more. Nurses are the very foundations of medicals practises, they are the lynchpin in care for patients who are in the slow process of recovery. If you think that you could make the difference and you have the skills and stamina for nursing, now is the best time to give it a go.

Staff Writer; Lisa Hall

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