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Pain Addiction Can Destroy Your Relationships.

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( Many of us would love to be loved by our very own Mr. Right. You want to have someone that will stand with you as a lover, partner, and friend. That man would be willing to face life’s challenges, and success by your side. The problem too many of us face is we want the partner, but we have spent more time searching than preparing. That may seem like a harsh assessment, but it’s one that could save many women future heartache. The question is not are you so hard to love, or why won’t anyone love me. The first question you must ask self is “are you ready for love”.

The reason that question is important because when you are you can see clearly, and you know what you want and need. When you are ready, though you may have a past with pain in it, you are not controlled by pain. It is necessary to assess where you are as a woman before you bring a partner into the mix. This is an expectation that you rightly have when you deal with a man. You don’t want him to be closed to you because he is still suffering from the pain of his past. In this regard its important to be sure you are fair.

It is understood that addiction to drugs and alcohol can ruin a relationship. Sisters it is important to understand that pain can become an addiction. If you are not careful you will get accustomed to ill treatment, fights, and drama. You want to be loved, and have happiness in your life, but if you are addicted to pain there is a chance that you will push a good man away. He will be held to a bar that is based on your past pain, instead of your standard.

It is dangerous when subconsciously you are harboring anger from past pains, and one day in a fit of rage you blow up on the man that has not harmed you. In that moment if he walks away from you that will give you another reason to say maybe no one will love me. You won’t even be able to recognize that your pain has now caused pain to this man that you care about. The consuming thoughts will be about your hearts hurt, and the lack of love you feel.

Sisters you can not control what others do, but you can control whether or not will succumb to negative energy. Sometimes you may need peace in pouring your heart out to a friend, others find it in speaking with a therapist, and some find it in turning to spiritual believe. Sometimes the combination of any, or all, of these things helps us break the chain of pain addiction. You must remember you are beautiful, strong, and needed. Your life is important, and you must learn to love yourself. In letting the pain go you will be able to see a man for who he is, and he will have to stand on his merit. You love yourself so you know you deserve, and are worthy, of love.

Choosing positive energy for your life will also have a beautiful impact on other relationships in your life. Letting go of the pain may very well keep you alive, because the stress of it all is enough to make the body breakdown. Sudden strokes and heart attacks happen under severe pressure. Before you are able to truly accept the acknowledgement of others know you must acknowledge your own presence. You don’t owe pain, nor your past…you have the power to control, and shape, your future. Decided to begin anew leaving pain addiction as a bound chapter of your past. There is so much life, and love ahead of you…seize it!

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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