Saturday, January 16, 2021

Don’t Let a Beard Mess Up Your Life.

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( Beards look nice on the brothers, and they know it. It appears they have become just as alluring as the six pack, deep voices, and strong demeanor’s. The beard craze has taken Facebook by storm, and though it’s interesting for many its causing quite a bit of drama. Ladies, don’t get yourself played behind a man with a well-groomed well moisturized beard. The thirst is real, and if not careful it can truly mess up your life. It’s amazing how fast cyberspace can collide with your reality. If you are a single lady, then by all means mingle and see what happens just know you too must be careful. The question is how far should one go in this beard group if you are in a committed relationship, or you are married?

Okay, so you may be saying though I am in a relationship I am still allowed to look. If that’s how you feel its best you proceed with caution. Ladies on Facebook have found themselves caught up in beard gang groups when they do more than look. Attraction is a part of life, but lusting behind beards to the point you find yourself in suspect conversations is dangerous. The relationship you are in could be going well, and you love your boyfriend…but you are playing flirting really close to showing yourself to be thirsty over a beard. If your man does it, you are going to raise hell so think about what you are doing.

Married sisters…where do I begin? You are married so the risk some of you are taking in the beard group in on another level. Let’s be clear, the problem doesn’t lie in the fact that you are in the group. The problem arises when you begin to lust over said dudes with said beards to the point you appear to be thirsty. Like, moving from the group to your inbox can have serious repercussions for your marriage, and some of you have kids.

Is that worth wrecking your home life, and that of those you love? Trust me this isn’t over exaggerating because we are sharks when our men step out of line on social media. When can act hard when we are the ones being addressed, but we know if we find inappropriate communication our husband inbox we have one word for him…CHEATING. There is no double standard in this. Ladies don’t let a beard group mess you up.

Lastly, we all know cyberspace is not all that it seems. Just be careful that what you are seeing is what you get. Ladies, being to thirsty can get you played. When you are watching a ton of women lose their minds as brothers put themselves on display, until you know otherwise, assume you are not the only one. He can look tantalizing online, talk a seductive game, and you walk away totally disappointed in real life. Beards can look sexy on a man, but make sure he is more than just his beard. At the end of the day you don’t want to find yourself in a situation whereby you wish you had never indulged your beard fantasies in said group.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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