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Stay Sane When Caring For An Elderly Relative.

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(ThySistas.comIt can be one of the hardest and most emotionally complex things to do when you need to start taking responsible of care for an elderly relative. Especially if it was someone who once looked after you when you were young. It can seem like a real minefield of decisions that you need to make while thinking about the interests of the person involved. It can be very difficult.

One thing many people who find themselves in this situation don’t comprehend is the emotional pressure and overwhelming feeling of doubt and stress that can be placed on you. While, of course, you want to help as much as you can, you also feel like everything suddenly gets placed on your shoulders. That can be quite tough. But there are things you can do to help you stay sane during this period of your life. I thought I would share with you what some of them are.

Things have changed

When an elderly relative starts depending on someone who they once looked after themselves, it can be daunting for the other person involved. This figure used to perhaps make you your food, take you places, or in some cases if it is a parent care for your every need. So when the roles get reversed, it can feel overwhelming. But the best thing anyone can do in this situation is to accept things have changed.

Take it slow

It’s time to slow things down a notch, and both you and the person you are caring for will be thankful of a slower pace. It can be quite tempting to rush every decision and try and get the ideal situation in place, but these things take time.

Consider all your options

When it comes to the care of an elderly relative you need to think practically with your head and not with your heart. The person you are caring for may want nothing more than to stay in their family home and live independently. However, if they are unwell or aren’t as mobile as they used to be this could be difficult, even with your care on hand. There are plenty of options that could be comfortable such as adapting the home to suit, thinking about a retirement community and assisted living or considering a care or nursing facility. However, in some cases, you are putting your trust in other people, and this is where you may start to get concerned. One may also want to consider relocating, as there is a luxury retirement community in Utah, or any state that is catering to seniors, etc. Make sure you have things in order before taking the leap.

Thankfully, if you do feel that your trust is ever breached in these situations, then law firms like are on hand to help. This can give you peace of mind that these sort of facilities could be an option in the future. But we go back to the point made earlier about taking things slow. Try and appease the person you are caring for and compromise. Living independently at home may not be a bad thing at all, for now. But at least discussing the future options helps everyone to realize where you stand on the matter.

Ask their advice

A great way to show your elderly relative or parent love and respect is to still consider their point and opinion. While you may have taken over the care, the running of the home and maybe even the financial side of things, it is still important for them to feel like they have some involvement in decision-making. Or even an involvement in your life. Ask questions and seek advice, even if you are certain of the right solution. It will keep the relationship between you both on track.

Protect yourself

I don’t mean this literally I mean more about protecting your feelings and emotions. All family relatives will know exactly what buttons to press to wind you up, upset you, make you happy, make you sad, you get the picture. In these sorts of situations when you start to care for someone on a more consistent level with health and everyday living, there can be quite a bit of anger and resentment. The main thing to remember that this isn’t directed at you or about you, and that you are the closest thing. So protect yourself and put up the barrier and try and not be offended. This article here has some great tips. We always tend to lash out our emotions, feelings, and moods on the person closest and most dear to us. This situation will be no different.

Try and enjoy this time

Finally, the last piece of advice to stay sane would be simply to enjoy yourself. This stage of their lives may not be for long, and it is sad to think that. So enjoy the moments you share and have some fun in the process.

I hope that these tips help you to keep sane when caring for an elderly relative.

Staff Writer; Latasha Day

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