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Working From Home and Avoiding Weight Gain.

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( Let’s face it – Americans are lazy. We have too many things to do and not enough time to do them. Most of us work jobs that take us out of the home, but there are a few lucky ones who get to work in the comfort of their houses. While this is definitively a plus, there are naturally some negatives to it too. Mainly, I’m talking about the very real possibility of gaining weight.

You know how it goes. You’re at home so you are in a comfortable environment. If you work from home, the comforts of the familiar make it all too easy to forget that you are, indeed, at work. As such, things like overeating (I mean the fridge is right there) and staying sedentary all day are common.

So if you’re in this boat or know someone that is, here are a few ways to keep the pounds off.

Take Meaningful Breaks

Build time into your daily schedule for focused, active breaks that allow you to stretch and breathe. Sometimes when you are in the thick of it, you have your computer, some snacks and your goal. You need to take time to walk around, even if it’s just 15 minutes. It will recharge and refocus you.

Sit on an Exercise Ball

This is a great way to keep yourself alert. Sitting on an exercise ball while you do work keeps your core engaged because you have to balance your body whilst you type. It’s also ideal for you when you take those breaks. You can do a short 5 to 10-minute workout on your exercise ball three times throughout your day. You will see results in your work and your body.

Meal Prep

You have got to treat your stay at home job like a regular “go into the office” job. That means just like you would meal prep for your breakfast and lunches throughout the week, do the same although you work from home. This will cut down on what you eat, even though you are right in the convenience of eating whatever you want from your refrigerator.

Leave the House

Who says you have to work in your house just because you “work from home?” Go to a café or a coffee shop. Most of the times these places have free Wi-Fi and a budding community of people who have a “building free” work lifestyle. Finding a cool place can trick your mind and put you in a more productive mindset. If you don’t want to do a café, you can try a shared workspace that not only allows you to get away from the comforts of your home but also gives you the opportunity to meet other “work from homers” in a mutually beneficial environment where you can exchange ideas, resources, and talents.

Majority of us wish we had the option to work from home and those that do, should make sure to take care of their bodies as they enjoy the perks of not having to go into an office.

Staff Writer; Rasheda Abdullah

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