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“Claws”, I Don’t Buy It.

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( I understand entertainment, and in that mindset, everything cannot be serious. However, we must keep in mind that film, music, literature and art are all mediums that also depict life, and a certain kind of “truth”. It has already been proven that what we see, and listen to, has an effect on how we think and function. With that in mind I simply can’t write off some of the shows I see on TV as merely entertainment. Its always wise to sit down and watch a show before casting judgement for, or against, said show. I honestly thought the new show on TNT “Claws” was one I would enjoy. From the previews, it looked to have a bit of drama, and I thought it would have a complex story line that I could engage as merely entertainment. However, I must say after watching “Claws” I simply can’t by this as merely entertainment.

There are certain narratives that are disrespectful to women, and black women directly. It is far time that we stop laughing when we are made of mockery of on a screen. Just because a show has some female writers or directors doesn’t mean the narrative is acceptable. Furthermore, if the likes of say “The Cosby Show” or “A Different World” inspired so many of our people to go to college what will the likes of TV today inspire. That is something to take into consideration no matter what you are watching. It’s not just about whether an individual can see past the negativity that is projected, but whether our people as a whole can dodge such. There are so many negative depictions of women, and black women on TV passed off as entertainment to laugh about it’s no wonder we are fighting with image issues and self-worth.

Claws” has a developing storyline, and quite a bit of drama I can overlook. However, there were primarily two things I found to be so repulsive it sullied the show completely for me. Within the main cast of women working in the nail salon I simply can’t overlook the fact the within the writing the two black women are set to be enemies, and are only drawn together by a white male. Regardless of why, I must believe there had to be a better why by which the narrative is spun. Dissension among black women is already an issue in community, and many shows, here we see it again. If I could make my peace with that…I wouldn’t be able to make peace with the main character’s, Desna, relationship with the white male “Roller”.

She was tricked out from the beginning, and his treatment of her was a narrative that should be seen as repulsive on all fronts. She is basically his whore with benefits, and she is put in her place when she is not given what she is promised. Anytime this $17,000 is spoken of he brings up sex as if that would settle any matter. When it was presumed that this male character died there was a parade by which a large image of “Roller” was carried like a banner…and it was carried by black women. This homage is repulsive. The women, black and white, decadent in their sexuality and used as strippers, and whores was repulsive…and what was the purpose of this?

There is drama for days in this show, but some images call forth a previous time of whose sentiments are alive and well. It was too much for me, and I could not buy it as purely entertainment. Every history has drama of some sort, and I am sure the fans of this show will continue to watch. Maybe it gets better as the show progresses, however I won’t be watching. “Desna” was ruined for me in one episode. I watched on to see if I would be able to reconcile my feelings, and it never happened. Watch if you may, but I can never agree that the images portrayed were purely coincidental. I’ll try again when the next story is spun.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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