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Everything Starts & Stops with You.

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(ThySistas.comYou were born to be superior. Sister, you were born to conquer, any and, everything that comes your way. Many of us were taught to never back down from our fears, and never to give up. Challenges appear in our life as adversaries whether we are down, or riding high. Goals, dreams, and aspirations is something we all have, and should never feel the need to surrender. No matter the hardships you must allow the hope in your dreams to fuel your fight. It is important to take that which is meant to harm you, and make it your motivation to grow. Take those negative words and turn them into positive outcomes over your life. Speak into existence the life you want to live.

Let me be the first to say having a positive outlook on life, and speaking to it, is difficult when your bank is in the red, but your rent is due. It’s difficult when you have experienced so much abuse that the PTSD, and anxiety make you feel arrested in your own body. It’s hard beyond measure when you can’t meet your child’s basic needs. Speaking life feels like a lie when your circumstances seem to render you dead on your feet. It feels like hell when you want to go to college, but the money is never there. This list can go on to high heaven, but the come up will always start with your ability to believe in you against all odds.

Sometimes the discouragement from others has a hand in us abandoning our dreams. Let’s say you want to be a writer, you tell your friends and family what you want to do, then they say things such as, “It won’t bring you any money, no one’s going to read it, or how you gonna do that with no experience?” Those kinds of comments can be heart breaking when they come from people you trust. However, your future in not up to them, and you must have the courage to believe in your dreams when no one else does. When you achieve what everyone thought was impossible it will build you up, and you may become a beacon of hope for another woman facing the same challenges. Speak into existence the life you want to live no matter how hard it feels. “Feelings are not the best component to bring to the table of decision.” Our feelings can arrest us into giving up because the mountain we face seems sky high.

Sacrifices will always have to be made to get out of a negative situation. Sometimes the sacrifice is deciding to move, going back home, or cutting certain people out of your life. At times, the sacrifice may involve staying home when you want to attend certain events as you are working on something. Wise women have often told me “you do what you must today, so that you can do what you want tomorrow.” Your words are powerful beyond measure, and they fuel your hope. With that in mind, your words come to life when you apply action. The courage to move on your words will bring support from places you never imagine; likewise, it can discourage others from working with you if your words are empty. If someone is constantly saying they can do it, and actually do it, they are using what they say to direct their action.

The struggles that you are facing now can fortify be the strength to keep pushing you. There maybe someone right now that is on the brink of giving up because all of their options seem depleted, but instead of giving up they embrace, and speak, hope and gain strength. Lift your head up and smile. Troubles will not last always. Who will know your story? You are still in control of you. You are in control of your life. Don’t look down on your struggles. Keep your head up, and embrace the process.

Staff Writer; Sha’Nelle V. Harris

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  1. This is very insightful. Wow, turn your negative to a positive. Don’t worry about the negative doubts people put into you, you have control of you. Take advantage of that asset. Beautifully wrote.

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