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5 Keys to Creating A Sacred, Peaceful Home.

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( No one should have to leave their home in order to seek peace and serenity. We should be running to our homes to seek refuge from the world, Our homes should be a place of healing in which we prepare nourishing meals for ourselves and our family, cleanse over bodies, free our minds and plan ways to achieve our dreams.

Have you entered someone’s home and immediately felt welcomed, loved and an overwhelming presence of peace? That is what I call as scared home. There is no greater feeling that having a loving home to return to after a long day of growing up on planet Earth.

Most of us focus heavily on decorating our home and ensuring our entertainment is sufficient. None of that really matters if the members of your home do not feel welcomed, loved, or at peace while home. Below are five ways to make you and your family want to run home at the end of the day:

1.      Create an altar. A personal altar has several purposes within the home. You can dedicate the space to things that are important to you such as a person, goal, an idea or focus in your life. An alter fills your home with beauty while providing a place to reflect on your personal or spiritual priorities. You can set your personal altar up in a dedicated space where it can be the center or small. Regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs, an altar creates a peaceful space within the home that can be used for prayer, reflection, setting intentions, doing healing work, or meditating.

2.      Burn Sage. Burning sage or smudging should be done regularly to keep yourself and environment energetically balanced. Sage promotes a peaceful state of being, spiritual awareness, intention, clears negative energy, and is cleansing when you have been around people that are fearful, depressed, ill, emotionally unbalanced, mentally ill, physically or emotionally toxic. Sage can be found at most metaphysical stores or online.

3.      Avoid raising your voice. Respect can take you a very long way. Everyone within the home deserves to be respected, even your children. When we show respect to our children, we in turn teach them how to be respectful. Same goes for our partners. The people who live in our homes are likely the most important people in your world and therefore should be treated as such.

4.      Speak positively to all members of your household. Regardless of what is going on, speak positively to everyone in your household. When you uplift those around you, they in turn uplift you. Even after a mistake has been made speak about the issue, find a solution and breathe life into your house by speaking words of empowerment and love to them.

5.      Practice Forgiveness. Forgiveness is a sign of unconditional love and acceptance. No one is perfect and life is a time of learning lessons, not just getting a good job and a place to live. We learn through our mistakes, help your loved ones find the lesson so they do not have to repeat the lesson again. Forgiveness does not remind us of our past mistakes forgiveness takes the lesson and move forward from where we are currently.

It does not matter how well built your home is, how elegant or expensive your furniture is if your home is not filled with peace. We can not buy serenity, it is a feeling that we must create and recreate often in our home.


Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

333rd Eye Healing Temple

Reconnecting Consciousness to Magick

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