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Five Ways to Care for Your Mental Health.

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( Last year was one for the books. With the tumultuous election, the sudden deaths of both famous and common folks, along with the personal battles that people fought in silence, most of us were more than happy to see the year come to an end. I will be the first to admit that the dawning of a new year brought so much excitement and positivity, but now April is almost over and I find myself thinking of ways to gain some mental clarity. So much for hoping for a better year right?

Mental health is so important to our overall health. We have got to find ways in the midst of all that’s going on in the news and our backyards, to ensure we are in tip top shape. It may be hard and just thinking about how to have better mental health can take a toll on your mental health, but it must be done. If you are concerned about world affairs or worrying about waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of a nuclear bomb, it’s time to pay attention to what’s going on up there (in your head).

Here are some ways to take care of your mental health.


I have to say from experience that unplugging from the Internet and social media greatly help protect your mental state. I read too much into things and being that I have to be online constantly for work, seeing negativity all day every day takes a toll on me. I actually had to back off and go silent because it’s all too much. Needless to say, it helped!


There is nothing like a nice vacation to take your mind away from all the stuff in your life that you want to forget. You owe it to yourself to do this. And when you do go on your next vacay, make sure it is to a place where there’s little to no Internet so you can unplug as you unwind.


One of the great things about this exercise is that it is a total body, mind and soul experience. Yoga will get you in tip-top shape in no time and it will also teach you how to free your mind and focus. It is a great stress reliever and it works wonders for your body. That is just a win, win all around.


Believe it or not, writing down your feelings is an effective way to manage them. It helps you sort through your thoughts, which ultimately can help you cope a little bit better with the things that are most affecting your state of mind. Sometimes, you can’t speak to people about your issues, so keeping a journal is a good alternative.


We all experience some kind of tension in our bodies. In those moments where the stresses of life are so bad, you feel them in your back, neck, and shoulders, treat yourself to a massage. A lot of people incorporate massage therapy into their overall self-care management and it’s an excellent idea. You may want to go for a hot stone massage in Eastern Shore, AL, or try a different type of massage in your local area, so that you can feel the relaxing benefits that it can give you.

When life gets tough, you have to find ways to alleviate as much stress as possible. These are just a few ways to do that.

Staff Writer; Rasheda Abdullah

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