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The Steps You Need To Take To Come Out Of College Debt-Free.

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Tweet ( The thought of going off to college can be really exciting. There are many different things to look forward to, as well as some more daunting things like possibly moving far from home and the tests that you will do. There may also be some daunting thoughts about the cost of it all. We […]

From Startup to Big Business.

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Tweet ( So, you’ve shown your entrepreneurial spirit by starting your own business. You’ve invested lots of blood, sweat, and tears, not to mention money, into your new venture and you’ve had a modicum of success… what do you do now? If you’ve survived the startup stage of business, give yourself a pat on the back. […]

Coping At Home While Your Man Fights For His Country.

Tweet ( Having a partner in the military is never easy. He’s the person you love with all of your heart, yet he expects you to be okay with the fact that he risks his life every day. To make matters worse, he’s away for extended periods. So, you have plenty of time to dwell on […]

It’s Not The Falling Down, It’s The Getting Back Up.

Tweet ( Accepting that our lives aren’t perfect has become harder than ever. Wait. No. Accepting that we monumentally screwed up has become harder than ever, and there are loads of variables as to why, but a big part of this is social media. There is an author with the initials WHH who said it best […]

Rituals Work: A Meditation for Clarity and Creating New Possibilities.

Tweet ( Before we begin, let me explain what I mean when I use the word “ritual”. Many people panic when they hear the word, interestingly it brings up negative feelings and fear for many although they partake in various rituals throughout the day. A ritual is a practice, something that you intentionally do in order […]

The Sista’s Guide to First Time House Buying.

Tweet ( Are you fed up of renting? Sick of roommates? Want to own a place to call your own and to put your own mark on? Of course you do! But buying ain’t so easy in this world, economic climate and that good old fashioned gender pay gap. Investing in your first home can feel […]

6 Ways to Find Balance in Work and Everyday Life.

Tweet ( We as individuals spend so much time at work. In general most of us spend a large part of the day at work. There needs to be a balance with work and our after work life. We need to be able to still do the things we enjoy after work. It’s also important to […]

5 Ways Arguments Can Improve Your Relationship.

Tweet ( In a relationship, two people who are essentially different individuals come together and most times conflict is not only inevitable, it is healthy. Some relationship experts suggest that couples who are not afraid to disagree, argue and discuss issues on a regular basis have a more happy and healthier relationship than those who hold […]

5 Ways to Get Back to the Basics: Courtship and Traditional Dating.

Tweet ( If you’re single, you will likely find yourself assessing and reassessing your love life. Your Instagram and Facebook feed full of perfectly filtered photos of roses, chocolates and TMI kisses will be a constant reminder that you are not in love and not in a relationship. But don’t fret, just get back to the […]

Soul Talk: Cleansing from the Inside Out.

Tweet ( It is impossible to fly with dead weight attached, nonetheless most of us still choose to carry unnecessary emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical baggage. We say that we want to go higher and deeper in our faith, yet we refuse to “let go” of the beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and guilt that no longer suits […]

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