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Soul Talk: Cleansing from the Inside Out.

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( It is impossible to fly with dead weight attached, nonetheless most of us still choose to carry unnecessary emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical baggage. We say that we want to go higher and deeper in our faith, yet we refuse to “let go” of the beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and guilt that no longer suits us.

The emotional baggage could be feelings of guilt for past mistakes or running from opportunities. We may repress our emotions to appear strong in the face of others rather than speaking our truths. We hold tightly to the betrayal, isolation, abuse, and ridicule.

The mental baggage could be weariness due to all the times you have talked down on yourself or talked yourself out of an opportunity to explore change. We constantly replay failure until it becomes a debilitating fear. Day in and day out we self-sabotage our efforts by speaking to ourselves from a place of pain and sorrow.

I think our favorite type of baggage has to be spiritual. We equate strong faith and life difficulties. We convince ourselves that struggling is the way of life, the way to strengthen our faith, and that which draws us closer to God/Source/Spirit. We misuse scriptures, prayers, and affirmations to justify our procrastination, often dressed up in the notion that you are “waiting on God”.

The physical baggage is often used to coax the ego. When people ask us how we are doing, our physical baggage generally takes the wheel so we can verbally express every ache, pain, twitch, or itch we may be dealing with. Physical baggage manifests as a result of the mental, spiritual, and emotional baggage we carry which limits us. When we create limitations, whether on a mental, spiritual, or emotional level, it will manifest physically to assist you in truly being “limited” to do what you desire.

We all have experience carrying baggage, some longer than others. The goal is to reduce our baggage so that we can take flight! A few ways to recognize and release your baggage:

· Acknowledge your mistakes and work to correct them.
· Apologize and make amends with those whom you have hurt and are still in contact with.
· Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself.
· Write down at least 5 things you’ve learned from each of your past relationships.
· Write down at least 5 jewels of wisdom you would share with your younger self.
· Make a list of your top 10 most memorable experiences and how they helped you to grow.
· Accept the present moment and where you are currently.
· Create a vision board and be sure to include health in addition to your dream home, job and car.
· Keep track of your emotional self for 7 days to recognize unhealthy patterns, experiences, and people.

Self-care and healthy releasing is most effective when it is a part of our daily routine. We invest so much time caring for our romantic partner, child(ren), family, even co-workers and clients at work. It is time to devote equal or greater energy into our own healing and development.

What do you do for your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing??

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

333rd Eye Healing Temple

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