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Maybe He’s Mister Right If…

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( Finding Mr. Right is an amazing feeling. This doesn’t mean the man is perfect, as you aren’t perfect, but it means that he is a good fit for you. When we have our heart set on finding Mr. Right we can be a little unrealistic at times. Movies, romance novels and certain love songs can force us into an unrealistic expectation of love and marriage. Every day will not be peachy, and the depth of the relationship is based on things like patience, compromise and trust. Each of us must know ourselves in order to identify Mr. Right. It seems a bit old fashion, but you must know your own mind before you expect a man to know it.

Sometimes we come across a man that has so very valuable characteristics but sometimes we may write him off if he doesn’t stand out to us as “the one”. Men that are intuitive tend to know what woman will do if for them, sometimes, before we have any clue what’s going on. There are a few ways to identify if a man might be Mr. Right. Remember this is also contingent of you knowing your mind, and realizing that a stable relationship is not glitter every day.

1. A man you should consider a life with is a good listener. Sometimes we friend zone the man that we can talk to openly without feeling judgement. This is the man we tell “oh I wish I had man like you”. Even if this man expresses interest I us we tend not to take the brother serious. It is important, in a long-term relationship, have open communication. When a man listens to what you are saying and takes note he is considerate of you and your thoughts.

2. Don’t write off the man that is your FRIEND. Mr. Right may very well be the brother you have known for years, and he knows you inside out. As women, we often hate to be put in the friend zone when we want to, and know we can, be so much more. Don’t discount the man that you can laugh and have a great time with…the one that has seen you at your best, and worst.

3. Consider the man that won’t lie to you to spare your feelings. Honesty is very important in a partner. However, many of us agree with that but don’t value the truth when it’s given. Yes, tact is important. A man that will give it to you straight even when you would rather be appeased is showing love even if we can’t see it.

4. Value the man that genuinely sees you as beautiful, and he wants to nurture the beauty in you. He loves it when you feel and look your best. He encourages you to eat well, and take care of yourself. It’s always good to be with someone that cherishes your beauty, and makes your wellness a priority.

5. Mr. Right is supportive of your dreams and goals. He wants to see you be the best at everything you touch. Yes, sometimes he may have a tough critique, or not allow you to give a half effort. However, his support is something you will come to cherish.

Physical preferences matter when it comes to who we want to be with. Just remember the physical can chance, but what’s in the man is what you will be dealing with long term. Try not to dismiss a guy just because he doesn’t act hard. Being kind and caring are not negative attributes. Know who you are, and consider what you need deeply when choosing a mate. Long term relationships such as marriage shouldn’t be entered into lightly.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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