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Every Black Man Doesn’t Hate You.

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( Sisters when someone says “every” they are lying. We live in a country whereby the propaganda machine has been created to destroy black love from both sides. None of us have met “every” black man…we don’t even know a quarter of them, and vice versa. The media wants us to believe that black men think us ugly, full of attitude, difficult and strong to a fault. This same media shows us successful black men married to white women, and women of other races, but they neglect to shine the same light on successful black men that are married to black women.

To make the matter worse there are many sisters that have taken up feminism as perpetuated by white women. Black women do not have the same issues with our men that white women encounter with white men. We must be honest about this point because as we are adamant that black men understand we are not white women…we must remember they aren’t white men. The bottom line sisters is EVERY BLACK MAN DOESN’T HATE YOU. Let that thought wash over you because it is necessary.

Every black man is not color struck, nor does every black man hate natural hair. There are so many brothers out there that love everything about you from your skin (light, dark and everything in between), celebrate your crown, adore your curves, respect your strength, and worship at the seat of your heart. Yes, it exists…and in more numbers than we realize. However, this social construct ants us to never understand this. Most black men STILL marry black women and not out of obligation…but for no other reason than they love their black woman.

We must embrace the existence of these black men, but we can’t do that until we embrace this beauty in ourselves. Just as we hold black men to a high standard because we believe in the strength and majesty of our men…they require the same of us. If we don’t see the beauty and majesty in ourselves, we can never truly see the black man that adores us. Looking at ourselves as ugly, broken and problematic causes us to look at him already in a defensive state. We will always feel more beautiful, or ugly with the one that looks like us. We must choose to love ourselves first to exude the confidence that a black man adores.

Granted, we know we have brothers out there that are lost, and that do blame every issue on a black woman. Yes, there are brothers out there that date white women, and other races, because they see them as superior to black women…even their own female family members. However, those brothers also deal with deep seated self-hate. The same rules apply they don’t see the greatness in self so they hate their counterpart. If a black man happens to love a white woman while acknowledging the beauty of black women, you know that’s just who he loves…but this is the same for black women. Yes, there are sisters with white guys, and they dare a black man to say anything.

Even with our exceptions out there it is important to remember all brothers don’t hate us. We don’t even know all brothers. Sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone and meet brothers from other places before we write them off. Furthermore, if we know the value of black women and all of us are not anti-black men…then know the opposite exists. Let’s not buy into the propaganda made specifically to kill black love. When we are strong together we are clearly unstoppable.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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