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Are You At Risk From Osteoporosis?

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(ThySistas.comThe chances are that you probably know a woman with osteoporosis. Over fifty-five percent of people over 50 years old in the United States alone suffer from the condition. The condition, when bones lose strength and density, occurs more commonly in women because of their naturally smaller, thinner bones, too. Suffers from osteoporosis are a lot more vulnerable to fractures, breakages and more. So, what do you do about your risk of osteoporosis?

The risk factors

It’s a good idea to properly evaluate your risk of the condition by finding out what exactly those risks, are. As we have mentioned, age and gender both play a big part in your probability of developing the condition, but younger people can develop osteoporosis, too. A family history of the condition could mean that you’re a lot more predisposed to it, for one. Weight and body structure also play a large role. Your own past could play a role, too. If you have broken or fractured bones in the past, it could mean your bones are already weaker and at more risk.

Feed your bones

So, what do you do about that risk? You start actively fighting against it. First, in your diet, you need to make sure you’re getting the nutrition that actually strengthens your bones. As the AlgaeCal reviews on Supplement Police say, it’s not just calcium that matters, either. Some supplements also contain ingredients like Vitamin D, boron, and potassium. These ingredients also play important roles in bone health, from working alongside calcium to actively replacing lost bone density.

Make them stronger

Bones are like muscles in a way. Just like muscles, they degrade and regenerate. During that regeneration period, exercise can promote the growth of stronger bone, as well. Weight-bearing exercise, in particular, is crucial for maintaining bone strength. Running, jumping, even walking more often works out your bones just as they can help you lose weight.

Quell the habits

Other risk factors worth mentioning are those not related to your body itself but what you do to it. As if you didn’t need any more reason to quit smoking, it has been found that it lowers estrogen levels. That estrogen helps your bones absorb more calcium. Meanwhile, drinking too much alcohol impacts how well the stomach and liver can absorb calcium and vitamin D, too.

Avoid the triad

If you want to get healthy, then by all means, go for it. Be aware of the dangers of overtraining, however. In women, you should be particularly aware of the female athlete triad. Bone loss and osteoporosis are common results of overtraining, while the menstrual disturbances can be just as bad for how your body produces and manages estrogen. As we have mentioned, that estrogen is vital for your bones. It’s important to learn your limits and work with them sensibly when exercising.

Balance is crucial to avoiding osteoporosis. Make sure that your diet is balanced to give you all the nutrition you need while you balance exercise too so that not only are bones stronger but less stress is placed on them.

Staff Writer; Carla Jones

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