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Rocky Relationship? Love Yourself.

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(ThySistas.comAll of us have, at some point in our lives, been in a relationship which was not the best fit for us. Whether it was not good for us because of conflicting personalities, you may have been subject to physical or mental abuse, the relationship just simply plodded along without any excitement (excitement is key when choosing to go into a relationship!), or you may have ended up in a relationship without really thinking about it and it just happened, those of us who have experienced an ill fitting relationship will know how stressful and unhappy it can make us. When some people decide to enter a relationship, at first they may think it is going to be a really good time in their life, and that the person they have chosen feels like they are going to be good for each other, but if due care is not taken a relationship can quickly descend into unhappiness for either one person, or both people involved. It is always a difficult time when a relationship ends, for a number of reasons, but in time the wounds of heartbreak or regret will come to heal – it is a process which can be hard to deal with but can also be cathartic.

Whether a relationship has ended because of negative actions or aspects, or it has ended because both people involved have decided that the relationship is no longer viable, it is important that you take the time to allow yourself to come to terms with the end of the relationship and do not allow yourself to become completely immersed in thoughts of why the relationship ended, what you could have done better, and whether any foul play was involved on your ex partner’s side. You need to think positively – and that can be a hard thing to achieve – but if you are constantly thinking negative thoughts this will not bode well for your mental health and could even mean you begin to dislike your ex partner when you both wanted the relationship to end on good terms.

If a relationship has ended badly because of negative situations or incidents which happened, then it is understandable that you feel some sort of revulsion towards your ex partner, but in life we all need to feel happy and it is not positive for us to look back on certain aspects with hate. You should try to take everything that has happened in your stride, and just move forward with your life thinking good thoughts towards your future. If you feel that your relationship ended because your partner cheated on you, but do not have any solid proof, there is no point in continously accusing them of it. It will wear you down. To put your mind at ease, you could get treatment for chlamydia online, so that you can definitely feel safe about the situation. Of course, this is not to say your partner was definitely cheating, but you may feel like you want to cover all bases.

To get over a tricky break up, you could possibly think about listening to mindfulness or wellbeing podcasts or you could watch videos on those subjects. You can learn how to meditate properly, and free your mind without any negative thoughts entering it. Mindfulness can not only influence your thoughts on a break up but can also have beneficial effects on the overall way you think about – and lead – your life. Researching different articles on the best way to get over a relationship, or even reading posts on forums can also help as you will be able to get first hand accounts of how to get over your ex, with completely honest answers.

Talking to friends and family can also provide great healing. When you air your thoughts to people who are close to you, you will feel better for it and may even feel like all the bad feelings you had have been lifted off you. Some of us may feel that we do not want to approach our friends and family to talk about our feelings, as we may feel like we are bothering them, but there is a good chance that the people closest to you will feel glad that you have spoken to them and they will then also feel like they should be there for you more through the hard time you are going through. Friends and family can also provide honest, thoughtful answers which will allow you to gain composure again.

Staff Writer; Alicia Harris

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