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3 Workplace Troublemakers and How to Deal With Them.

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(ThySistas.comWhen it comes to running a business, employees can make or break your business. Unless you handle everything in your business yourself, you’re going to need to hire some employees here and there to take care of your business when you can’t. You might hire accountants, tech professionals, or office workers to help you with your business. Either way, you can’t make it very far on your own and you’re going to need to hire some people eventually.

However, not all people are suited to working at your business. For example, you might resort to hiring some people who have fewer qualifications because you’re not spoilt for choice, or you might end up hiring people that don’t possess the best attitude to work. These are issues that might not crop up until a couple of days or weeks after you have successfully hired an employee. So how do you deal with these troublemakers? Read on to find out.

The Permanently “Sick” Individual

Did you know that as an employer, you can dismiss someone who is off ill too much? Every employee will get sick at some point in their life, but you’re always going to get some troublemakers who are off sick more often than they are at work. Make sure that you have some kind of sickness policy in place and if your employees refuse to give a doctor’s note, then you need to have measures in place to prevent them from taking too many days off work. When they do return from work, ensure that you conduct interviews and ask them how they are feeling and try to pick up information that could lead to you exposing them for who they are.

The Extremely Ambitious Know-It-All

You are always going to get know-it-alls at your business that want to advance up the career ladder at any opportunity. They will blackmail their colleagues, question your decisions as the boss and try to rally people against you, or spread claims about your lack of qualifications or that you aren’t leading the business to a bright future. These individuals should be confronted with private talks. Kindly ask them to stop with their actions, but depending on their reaction, you might be better off ignoring them so that they don’t destroy your mood, motivation or morale. Should you find these people spreading false claims in order to rally people against you, you can disprove them and fire them for trying to incite a rebellion and prevent the workplace from being productive.

The Compulsive Liar

Compulsive liars usually don’t lie because they are doing it for a malicious purpose. There are times when compulsive liars lie because they don’t want to upset you or their colleagues. For example, you might ask someone for an important document but if they are unable to finish it in time, they might lie about one thing or another and use it as an excuse for their failures. These types of troublemakers aren’t as malicious as the other two, but they can still cause a lot of problems within an office. It’s best to test these employees and see if they are actually capable of working in your business or not. If they are beyond training or lack the skills to do the job you need, then you have to consider firing them because they are not a productive member of your team.

Staff Writer; Carla Baker

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