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Seeing the Doctor is Vital.

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( To be completely honest I have spent the majority of my 35yrs of living hating the very idea of going to a doctor appointment. They are uncomfortable, I don’t like the sitting on pins wait, I’m apprehensive that I will hear I am not well, and we won’t even get started on the needles. Many of us share similar fears so the annual well woman exams don’t always happen. Sisters we must reevaluate how we view what it means to care for our health. It is great to eat clean, drink water, and get proper rest. However, we must make sure we are keeping tabs on our body medically especially as we get older.

Finding a doctor that is a good fit for you can be difficult at times, and discouraging. It would help to begin by knowing what you want in a doctor. Though we value their expertise they work for us; it is not wrong to have reasonable expectations of your own. Some would rather a doctor be very direct as they are better able to function when everything is just laid out on the table immediately. Others may prefer a doctor to ease them into certain kinds of information. Knowing which kind of patient you are will better help a doctor serve you. Fostering a working relationship with your doctor, if they are an ObGyn, will work in your favor if you decide to have children.

So much will be new upon finding out you are pregnant; it really helps ease your mind when you are working with a doctor that is very familiar with you and your medical history. In this instance you have a better chance of the doctor respecting your position on how you want to engage your pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my son I didn’t have an established doctor, and that didn’t work out very well as my Obstetrician was not very understanding about my delivery choices. In the area of pregnancy working closely with your doctor regularly also lowers the risk of you losing your life in delivery as they have an established history with you.

Regular doctor visits can help us improve our weight, metabolism and the general knowledge we have of our health. Granted we want to go in and come out with a clean bill of health, but sometimes the doctor visit catches problems early. Making sure we get regular mammograms can detect cancer early which gives one a better chance of fighting such. If can make us aware of stress and its effect on our blood pressure as symptoms don’t always appear immediately. We definitely want to see the doctor when we are experiencing unusual, or prolonged, pain.

Too many of us blow off our pain thinking we can handle it, or simply pray it away. However, when the situation is getting worse it is in the best interest of our overall health to see a doctor immediately. Never take your health for granted. I admit all doctors aren’t the best, however find one that works for and with you. It’s better to be proactive in all areas of your health than have to work your way back from pain or illness. Taking ownership of our health, and its care is one more step to being a better you.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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