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6 Signs Thy Crown is Out of Balance.

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( We often speak of our crown being our glory. We equate this crown to being our hair and many of us invest much time, money, and energy into ensuring that our hair is laid. We work on the visible crown, often while neglecting the true crown. When I speak of the crown, I’m not speaking in terms of a crown a queen or king would wear. I’m speaking of the crown chakra.

We all know how important it is to protect the crown chakra of infants, although we often refer to the crown chakra as their “soft spot”. Interestingly, as soon as the area covering the crown chakra hardens, we completely forget about how important it is. It is the crown chakra that keeps us attached to the God/Source/Divine.

In Sanskrit, the crown chakra is known as Sahasrara, which means “infinite”. The crown chakra is the threshold between psychic and spiritual realms. When our crown chakra is in balance and aligned with God/Source/Divine, we are given divine wisdom that teaches us when to move, how to move, and why to move. This doesn’t mean we don’t face difficulties in life, it does mean that we flow through them differently than one who is out of alignment.

When the crown chakra is out of balance and/or alignment, it functions differently. Some of the symptoms may include:

·         Constant worry. When we worry, we attract more of the same energy. This means we attract more to worry and stress about. Call it the snowball effect but when it rains, we make it pour. We focus so much of our energy on obsessing about the issue rather than meditating to receive understanding of the lesson and the solution to the problem.

·         Lack of inspiration. Needing someone to give you words of encouragement in order to get you through your day is a sign that your crown chakra is off balance. We are all interconnected and lean on each other from time to time for support, however when you notice yourself needing support on a regular basis

·         Lack of direction. Having a vision is a natural part of life, our vision gives us direction and drive. It is our vision that gives purpose to life and as we work towards the vision, fulfillment is experienced. We need something to strive towards in our life, it assists us in our spiritual journey and gives us a taste of bliss on the physical plane.

·         Giving up on faith in yourself, the Universe and the Divine. During difficult trials and tribulations, many of us begin to question God/Source/Divine. We want to know why us, why now, when it will be over, and most importantly, what we did to desire it. For many, these questions come up immediately following disappointment. The problem begins when you stay stuck in these set of emotions, when you allow yourself to delve into the misery and pain. When we continue to dwell on the obstacles, we shift our crown chakra out of balance. This causes us to disconnect from God/Source/Divine which often causes the obstacle to linger.

·         Negative attitude. Always being on edge or expecting things to go wrong is a sign your crown chakra is out of balance. Our thoughts shape our reality and we manifest what we think and feel into our day to day lives. There are somethings that only happen to certain people, usually because they first created the situation in their mind. It is not natural to assume the worst, that is a programmed behavior. When the crown chakra is out of balance

·         Inability to set or maintain goals. If you find yourself able to set goals yet you struggle to maintain the momentum needed to attain the goal, your crown chakra is out of balance. This is not limited to your failure to keep your New Year’s resolution, this extends across the board. Whether parenting, higher education,

Energy healing such as Yoga, Reiki, Chakra Balancing & Healing, Acupuncture, Reflexology, and Massage Therapy helps to realign and balance the crown chakra. Sun gazing, meditation, prayer/affirmations, and chanting OM are practices that help maintain the balance of the crown chakra.

Thy Crown is thy Glory. Blessed Healing.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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