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Clearing Your Home of Negative Energy for 2017.

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( For many of us, 2016 was a very daunting and trying year. Finances, relationships, health, careers, and spirituality were just a few of the challenges we faced on our journey during the year. I encountered more people battling suicide and depression this year than I ever have. We all learned some necessary, yet difficult lessons this year and while we are grateful for all we learned, most of us are ready to be out with the old and in with the new.

1.      Take a spiritual bath. This can be as simple as adding a cup of Epsom salt or sea salt to your bath and soaking for 20 to 30 minutes in lukewarm water. I recommend preparing a bath for each member of your household to cleanse the aura of any toxic energy that may be lingering.

2.      Clean out your closets. Clear your closet of any items you did not wear during the year as well as those that are too big or too little. At times, we are unable to receive blessings in our lives because we have an overflow that we refuse to release. Donate nice clothing that may be worn by others to family members, friends, homeless shelters or group homes. Rule of thumb when donating: If you would not want an item given to you, trash it!

3.      Wipe the walls down with lemon water. Energy is everywhere. When we have arguments in different rooms of our home, sit in grief or experience anger, that energy tends to linger around the house. Wiping down the walls with warm lemon water helps to remove lingering energy from the house and you will immediately feel a surge of positive energy filling the space.

4.      Smudge your house with sage. Visit your local metaphysical or crystal store to purchase white sage rather than sage incense. The incense smell wonderful however the white sage is used for the removal of negative and stagnant energy. Sage can be burned after an argument, during meditation, to raise the vibration of the space, to encourage negative spirits to leave a space and a variety of other reasons. Be sure to open a door or window to allow the negative energy to exit.

5.      Open the windows. Allow some fresh air to fill the rooms of your house and cleanse away all that is no longer needed in your journey.

As we prepare to welcome the energies of the New Year, it benefits us to begin by clearing away the energies of the year closing. Take time to set positive intentions over your living space so that you are attracting peace, prosperity, health, love, acceptance and forgiveness where you rest your head and spirit.

Blessed 2017!

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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