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5 Major Lessons of 2016.

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( As the year comes to an end, I enjoy cocktails and conversations on the lessons learned throughout the year. Consider it a self-evaluation, one that requires a level of accountability over one’s growth. It is the norm in America to set New Year’s Resolution each year, the more unrealistic the better. Imagine how solid your resolutions would be if you set them after evaluating your previous year.

Each individual has their own personality, faith, needs, goals and purpose, hence we all encounter different experiences to get our necessary lessons. Even with our individual lessons, we have collective lessons within society. During 2016 a few collective lessons we learned include:

1.      No one is above spiritual law. Regardless of how much money or material things you have in your possession, you can not escape the lessons of life nor can you pay your way out of them. No matter how deep you are in your spiritual or religious practice, you are still going to encounter challenges in this journey of life. We can not escape growth!

2.      There is success in authenticity. Donald Trump has proven that being true to yourself and your beliefs takes you much further in this society than attempting to conform to the ways of the world. Now is the time to be true to who you are in order to actualize your dreams.

3.      The time is now. We lost loved ones and celebrities alike throughout the course of 2016. Let this be a reminder that the time is now. Whatever it is you desire to do, now is the time to jump out there and make the world aware of who you are and what you have to offer. The perfect time will never come, you will never have everything lined up perfectly. Take what you have in the now and manifest the rest through your work.

4.      Accept the unexpected. It is not enough to expect the unexpected, you must come to terms with accepting the unexpected as well. At times challenges come forth to completely change the direction we are going, other times challenges come up to broaden our perspective. Invest energy into identifying the lesson(s) rather than fighting with all your might to change the situation, you mind find that learning the lesson more quickly alleviates the problem.

5.      Speak your truth. Say what’s on your heart and in your mind. The days of remaining silent because you have nothing nice to say are dead and gone. The truth ain’t pretty! Say what you mean and mean what you say. Holding your thoughts and feelings in only lead to heart disease, depression, and sorrow… let it out!

Each new year brings forth a new energy, each ending year leaves us with a multitude of lessons to maximize the next. Take advantage of the lessons you’ve learned and most importantly realize that life builds on prior lessons because there are levels to this ish.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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