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A Wife Can Not Fix Everything.

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( A wife is a powerful position in the life of a man. She is more than a lover and mother…she is counsel. She has the perfect remedy to sooth the pain of her husband in ways no one can…not even his mother. With that being said wives it is important to understand you cannot fix everything. There are times when we must simply back off. Women and men are definitely different, and we process information differently. It’s one thing to be a comfort to our spouse, but sometimes we must let it hurt. This is not because we desire such…but because there are times when he must find his way on his own. If we are not careful we’ll find ourselves mothering our husband, and regardless of intention, this can lead to problems in your marriage.

We all know that the dignity of a man is an intricate part of who he is, and if we truly understand our man we must know how far we can go with our council. Sometimes, depending on what he is facing, we must allow him to process his situation on his own terms. Let’s bblackwifeandhubbye honest as women we are not always the best at this. We often want our spouse to feel better immediately, or we want him to talk about it as soon as possible because that’s what we would do. There are times it’s not even about him, but it makes us feel bad to see him going through hardship, and we want to be relieved of that feeling so we push.

Wanting to see our King happy is positive, but we can’t expect him to behave as we would. Changing a man should never be the goal; we should love him for the man he is…and can be. Sometimes the best support we can give will come through the avenue of prayer and/or meditation. There are times we must direct out strong positive energy towards our husband to help assist his issue resolve and peace. Even though he may be quiet he is very aware of your presence.

Mothers try to fix everything; wives support through everything. If your husband doesn’t talk as much as you would like this is the wrong time to press and cause a fight. When things such as: loss, betrayal, self-doubt, and spiritual conflict occur we cannot fix it. We want our man to know we love, support and lift him up. Let him come to you when he is ready to talk. Don’t make it about you as though he’s mad at you or shutting you out…especially when he tells you he is conflicted and just need some time to get his head together. In this area lets avoid being selfish realizing our men have feelings that need to be respected. This is in no way saying abandon your man when he needs you most.

This is a reminder that we are powerful, but there are limits to our reach even as wives. There are times when time, and meditation must be allowed to work out a matter. In these times we must trust the heart of our spouse, and his strength as a man. You never want to send the message that you don’t believe in his ability to stand through adversity…this is counterproductive to peace. The fact that we cannot fix everything is quite okay.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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One Response to “A Wife Can Not Fix Everything.”
  1. Latasha Harris says:

    Superwoman reflects the black woman image.
    Still with that, we can’t do everything.

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