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SkinPick’s NEW APP to Monitor Skin Picking.

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( Body-focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) are a group of clinical disorders such as compulsive hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting. While some of these may be perceived by many as simply bad habits, for about 1% of Americans, it can be debilitating. A diagnosis of compulsive hair pulling (trichotillomania) or skin picking (excoriation disorder) is made when you are unable to resist the urge to engage in these behaviors, even when it causes physical damage or impacts negatively on your day to day functioning.

Awareness is key

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has been shown to be the most effective treatment for BFRBs. CBT helps the individual identify the thoughts and emotions that trigger certain undesirable patterns of behavior and the situations or events that trigger those thoughts and emotions. The idea is that with that knowledge you canblackwomanpickingskin either address the triggering stimulus, or address the way you think or feel about it, and therefore change the way you react behaviourally toward the trigger.

The problem is that BFRBs such as compulsive skin picking and hair pulling can become so engrained that people often report that they don’t know how much time they spend engaging in the behavior. When engaged in CBT your therapist will often ask you to keep a picking or pulling record. However, this is much easier listed than done. Many people report finding it difficult to remember to document their picking, or are not always able to at a given time.

A new self-monitoring app

It is for this reason that has developed and launched a free App to help people with compulsive skin picking to record this information quickly, easily and on the go. We are a digital generation; nobody goes anywhere without their mobile phones or another smart technology device. The main role of the self-monitoring tool is to create awareness for the client about their behavior, and identify patterns.

The app is completely free to download on any android or iOS device and early adopters have already had very positive reviews. The data can also be exported and sent to your therapist to be used in sessions. Some users of the app have even gone so far as to say that simply being more aware has already reduced the severity of their picking or pulling.

Staff Writer; Carla Adams

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