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Ladies, Stop the “That’s My Man” Drama!

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( If he’s yours, then why is he the lone male specimen of the neighborhood sex brigade?

Over the years I have written on a variety of topics, ranging from the Ku Klux Klan, (the original Boys N’ The Hoods), to politicians who blatantly exploit their constituents. However, I have yet to focus my attention on a topic, that until now, I have not given a second thought — women who constantly proclaim, “That’s My Man.”

This disturbing behavior  can be  observed on such dysfunctional TV programs as  the  Maury Povich and Jerry Springer Show. I’m sure you’re familiar with the drill. Two women in their late teens to early 20s, fight over a guy with one tooth, no job, and a dialogue consisting of “hell naw” and “for real though.

Fortunately, I have not been privy to these altercations. But all that changed one balmy afternoon when I was visiting an acquaintance. The contestants were two 30-year-olds, notorious for sharing the same men. As I recall, one of the women was seeing the other’s boy friend, and the girl friend found out about it.

As the fiery felines argued, they drew a crowd, who took a personal interest in their shouting match. Back and forth they yelled and hurled profanities. During the altercation, it was revealed that the man in question impregnated one  of the ladies, since she screamed, “That’s the daddy of my 6-year-old daughter.

I was getting my motor in second gear, when one woman yelled, “Baby I Got A Man,” To which her adversary replied, “Yeah, well that makes two of us, cause I got em too.” Listening to the women prompted my curiosity as I thought intently about that phrase.  Then after 30 seconds it occurred to me, have you noticed that  men don’t go around saying That’s My Woman?

As a writer, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing women who are astonishingly brilliant, and many whose propellers are slightly askew. I’ve met prom queens as well as prostitutes. In compiling my list, executives and drug addicts have crossed my path in varying degrees. Having met these women, I noted the unique characteristics which set them apart. Therefore, I can say, confident women differ drastically from females who rely on men to bolster their egos.

These are women who act as though men are their personal property. When speaking of her honey; she arrogantly refers to him as “my man.” I am curious as to what qualifies him as her man. Ladies, just because a man has sex with you, that does not make him your man. Similarly, if he’s seeing someone else, does that mean he’s her man too?

According to experts, some women undergo intense shenanigans to possess a man. They will even attack other women, if she feels they are infringing on her territory, or trying to put the moves on her man. Ladies, each time we utter that silly phrase, it makes men feel special. Yes, men love it when we tell other women they are ours.

But, there’s just one problem; some men have a reputation for being treacherous. And will try to justify having sex with any affiliate of the female species. In view of that observation why would any woman want to claim a man as her possession?

Regrettably, the ”That’s My Man” fiasco, reminds me of a quote I use to describe chaotic relationships. “Possessing someone for the sake of trying to hold on to them, doesn’t work. Oh sure, you might get a little satisfaction in the beginning, but in the end, you lose everything you fought so hard to keep.”

Staff Writer; Peggy S. Butler

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One Response to “Ladies, Stop the “That’s My Man” Drama!”
  1. Latasha Harris says:

    So true. Amaze how women will fight over a dusty man.
    A sad sight.

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