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6 Ways to have a Healthy Vagina.

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( All women should be concerned about their vaginal health. A healthy vagina is naturally acidic and contains rich quantities of good bacteria that help fend off infections and maintain a normal pH level. A healthy vagina will also secrete small amounts of discharge to keep itself clean. No worries it’s normal. Think of it much like saliva is produced to help cleanse your mouth. Any interference with these normal conditions and you may face vaginal irritation or infection. An imbalance of various kinds of bacteria found in the vagina can cause discomfort and odor as well. This imbalance is usually known as bacterial vaginosis. If you have this problem, your physician will prescribe an antibiotic, which selectively affects only the anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that live without oxygen) and leaves the good bacteria intact. Here’s how to keep your vagina healthy:

Wear Cotton Underwear or Go Commando

When it comes to your underwear selection, your vagina has a preference: cotton. That’s why most underwear comes with a thinblackwomanbathing strip of cotton fabric in the crotch. Since it breathes and absorbs moisture, it’s the ideal way to clothe your lady parts. Also when you’re laying around the house, feel free to go commando so you can let things air out. Just don’t go to the gym without undies, because you’ll want that extra layer between you and germy gym equipment.

Greek Yogurt is your Friend

Snacking on yogurt with live cultures helps boost the good bacteria in your hoo-ha, which, as you know, is all around fantastic for preventing annoying vaginal problems like yeast infections. Just be careful that you’re not eating on the super-sugary kinds of yogurt, because that could make you more susceptible to those infections.

Don’t Skip Your Annual Exam

Although new guidelines advise against annual pelvic exams if you’re symptom-free and not pregnant, a visit to your doctor isn’t just about poking around your lady parts. An annual exam is important to talk about any health concerns and asks questions. Using this time to chat about using condoms, fertility, and any random sex questions you might have is just as important as checking for STDs. So before you switch up your doctor visits, have a conversation about it with him or her first.

Say No to Douching

Think you need some assistance keeping things all clear down there? You don’t. The vagina actually cleans itself. Plus, studies have shown that using intravaginal hygiene products can put you at increased risk of infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, and STDs. Just don’t do it.

All Sex Acts are not created Equal

Make sure not to go from anal to vaginal sex without changing the condom or properly cleaning off first. Going from backdoor to front exposes your vagina to a host of bacteria and can up your risk of infections.

Be Careful with Soap

That scented body wash may be awesome, but it doesn’t belong anywhere near your genitals. Soap can be really drying to the sensitive skin around your vulva, and you really only need to rinse with warm water to keep things clean down there. But if you just don’t feel right about going soap-free, stick with a plain, gentle, unscented soap.

So don’t neglect your friend down south, show her some love. Keep her maintained and healthy.

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