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“Hey, Over Here” : Be An Attention-Grabber And Make Your Business Stand Out.

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(ThySistas.comWhen the world is full of other people, very similar to you, trying to entice the very customers that you want, it can be hard to compete. But with the right attention-grabbing tactics, you can steal away business from your competitors and make your enterprise a success. How exactly? Let’s take a look.

Develop The X-Factor

Businesses that really stand out aren’t those that do something slightly different to their competitors. They are those that offer something truly unique, according to Concur. Many of the most successful companies in the world are those that do things that their competitors simply can’t do, from making the perfect burger, to delivering a totally unique theme park experience. The key to trulyblackcoffee standing out, therefore, is to make something that is better than everybody else. You don’t want to be a “me too” business –  but you do want to turn your competitors into one.

Make Your Marketing Stand Out

Let’s say that you’re interested in starting up a coffee shop. Clearly, the coffee shop market is already highly developed, with the big players like Starbucks and Costa having been around since the 1970s. If you’re going to make an impact in this space, it’s important to have some coffee shop promotion ideas that stand out, according to Creation Studio. The trick here is to offer a completely unique value proposition, at least in your local area. There should be something different about both your marketing and the experience of customers once they are in your shop, that makes it unique. Perhaps you could offer exciting competitions through social media or maybe you could run promotions where everybody who comes to your shop wearing a pink hat gets a free latte.

Get A Killer Blog

Businesses today live and die by the quality of their blogs. If their content is useful, visitors will keep returning to their website. If their content is useless, they’ll fail to retain customers and will lose ranking on Google. Starting a blog is actually a great marketing opportunity, and it’s something that most firms in most industries are doing. Company blogs give customers useful information or ideas regarding their product, as well as things like guides and help articles. The most innovative company bloggers are now, however, investing heavily in rich media – things like video and infographics.

These forms of rich media are often many times more powerful for both SEO and attracting new people to your business. The majority of your customers would rather listen to a podcast or watch a video than read a wall of text, no matter how expertly it was put together. Plus Google loves rich media, thanks to the fact that it’s users also love it, and so businesses that provide it are more likely to jump ahead of their competitors in the search results.

Break The Rules

One of the reasons why Nando’s became such a popular restaurant was the fact that it broke the rules. It was a sit-down restaurant, but customers order from the counter at the front and pay up front. There’s no waiting around for the bill.

Staff Writer; April Snow


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