Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Strengthening the Bonds of Sisterhood.

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( There is so much division among women right now. Many of us don’t feel safe, and feel as though our existence is marginalized. Within the mist of sexism and blatant misogyny we can find refuge in forming healthy bonds with other sisters. This may be a better alternative to feminism as it will allow us to grow in compassion and understanding. Interactions among women affect how we are able to survive within our community, and amongst other women. Though many of us have different experiences there are areas whereby we can unite to fight for equality for all women. Let’s be honest our biggest enemy really isn’t a man…it’s another woman that doesn’t see us as one of them. Jealousy, envy, internal prejudice and bigoted ways of thinking divide the community of women just as much as it does the rest of the nation.

The problem is we wear many hates and when we harbor hatred towards another women we infect more than just ourselves. Sometimes we give our men something else to harp on regarding women, and we even divide our children. As parents fall out childrenblackwomen-talking-2016-notyourbitch-300x21 will be separated. Strengthening the ideal of sisterhood in our community guarantees no woman has to walk through lifes hardest, and greatest, moments alone. A strong support system amongst women is good for us, our relationships with our partners, and it is a blessing to our children. These are some ideas to strengthen sisterhood.

1. Understand that there is no need to compete with each other. We better our community by uplifting the next woman and seeing her success as good for community as a whole.

2. Taking the time to truly talk to our sisters and get to know them. It’s very easy to get into a vain by which we talk about ourselves, and hear the testimony of the next woman through our eyes verses seeing her where she is.

3. We must take violence towards women serious. If one woman is in danger that effects all of us. No woman should feel that she pain doesn’t matter.

4. We must hold each other accountable to be better women in a positive way. We are against sexual assault and abuse so we also must encourage our sisters not to engage in this behavior against others…this includes men.

5. Since the internet connects us all we can create book clubs and other arts based activities that are subjective, and help us better understand the perspectives of other women.

6. We must encourage women that are mothers regardless of marital status, and we must not look down upon women that choose not to have children.

7. Seeing the children of other women as we see our children helps create a caring environment, and when one of us loses a child that mother is not left to mourn alone.

There are so many ways that we can build bonds of sisterhood among the women in our family and community. Building these bonds will better the lives of women as we stand together to fight for equality, and fair treatment in various sectors. Working as sisters may help us achieve what feminism can not.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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