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Don’t Fall for Cuffing Season.

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(ThySistas.com) It is said when it get colds “cuffing Season” begins. I admit that when I first heard this term I had to do a bit of research because I had no clue what it was, and it didn’t sound appealing. This concept might sound appealing to some, but if not careful there can be real drawbacks. It is understandable to want someone there to cuddle with, and keep warm. However, one can only wonder if the concept leads to settling, and eventually drama. Relationships should be based on chemistry, and what we want based on who we are…compatibility.

Having someone by our side is an amazing feeling, and they can galvanize us forward when we aren’t feeling our best. Having that amazing partner in our life can have us floating on a cloud despite the chaos that may be happening in other areas of our life. With that being said relationships are not merely seasonal and they take work. If entered into lightly emotional damage is inevitable causing baggage that can actually mess us up when the right person really comes along. There are some reasons you shouldn’t fall for merely a cuffing season.

1. Trying to get “cuffed” can cause us to settle for less than we need blackcoupleinbedin a partner. We should not overlook areas by which we are not compatible for the sake of having someone when it’s cold.

2. Forcing the issue with a man can cause you to look desperate or needy…hence having an effect on the way you are treated. Sistahs you shouldn’t be so focused on just having someone that it seems like you are on the hunt.

3. If you are not careful you may end up taking in someone that isn’t doing much for himself…so outside of being a warm body he isn’t really adding any substance to your life. This can get old before winter is over.

4. Some men may not take the “cuffing season” bae serious. If by chance you end up developing real feeling this can cause emotional damage. The term doesn’t come off as implying a real relationship. Though some may form let’s be honest…you don’t want to become attached to a seasonal body. Not every man is going to be upfront about wanting a seasonal situation.

5. On the opposite end you may find yourself in the situation whereby you don’t see the “cuff mate” as a long term affair, but the guys is totally invested in you emotionally. In this situation some women may find it difficult to let this man know you aren’t invested long term.

Granted we all want to be loved, and held…especially when it’s cold you ought to weigh the consequences of cuffing season. Several sistahs encounter drama in their love life, and in some instances they blame the men they have encountered. Seriously, we should reconsider putting ourselves in compromising situations for things such as “cuffing season”. At the end of the day you’d rather have an electric blanket and wait for a fulfilling relationship, verses leaving yourself open to potential drama.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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