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Voting in this election.

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( We are right at two weeks away from the most important election that many of us will ever see in our lifetime. There are so many things at stake and now more than ever we have to be vigilant about to whom we give our vote. Yes, we have to vote!

I know that a lot of black people aren’t feeling like America is a place that appreciates our community. I mean with all of the killings, mistreatment and other disheartening situations, it can be hard to feel like you belong. But let me make something very clear for the folks who are considering not voting. If you think we are in trouble now, we haven’t seen anything yet if Donald Trump becomes black-woman-voting2016president.

Look around you. Since Trump’s campaign for the presidency, the outright acts of racism have increased not just by under cover white supremacists hiding behind law enforcement badges, but also by the common, everyday Joe. He empowers these people to live out their bigoted ways and they are doing so in our faces, unapologetically in a way not seen since the civil rights movement. Experts have even said that if Trump doesn’t win the White House, the effects of his racist actions will be felt through his supporters for years.

There is no explaining away his racism, his sexism and his entitlement attitude. Those things aren’t just character traits of his business dealings but they translate over into how he conducts every aspect of who he is. That’s why we have got to realize what’s going on here. Imagine the policies and laws put in place that will negatively affect us because of his personal feelings about people of color. If you don’t think that will happen, you are fooling yourself.

There really is only one clear choice in this election- the person with the experience. This is not about who gives the best speeches and has the best walk. It’s all about who is qualified for the job. If you look at the track records of both candidates, Hillary Clinton, despite the messiness surrounding some of her past choices, comes out on top.

This is not a drill people. Voting is your constitutional right. I have heard a lot of people say that they aren’t going to do it. Even black celebrities have touted that they plan to stay at home come Election Day. But that is not profitable. Our ancestors fought, died and were murdered for voting. We take it for granted. We think that it doesn’t matter. But if enough people say that, there will be an extremely unfavorable outcome. It is a slap in the face to the people who so proudly and selflessly risked their lives to make their voices count.

We have to look at the facts and we can’t ignore what we find. Don’t leave things up to chance because chances are, you won’t like what happens. Don’t be fooled by the media into thinking that Hillary’s lead, which recently was a double-digit number, is enough to win. Things change all the time and polls lie.

November 8th will make or break this country and set the tone for generations to come. On what side of history will you be?

Staff Writer; Rasheda Abdullah

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