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Anxiety Does Not Have to Win.

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( No one wants, nor should have, to live in fear and anxiety. It is torture to be on edge every day of every minute. How can one arrive at happiness when every thought is over thought, and ever action is viewed though the lenses of self-doubt? Anxiety disorder is a serious mental illness that should not be taken lightly. In some cases, seeing a mental health professional is wise and necessary. Mental health is just as important as physical health. How we view mental health as a community has to change. Just as we will head to the doctor’s office if we have serious malfunctions with our body we must give our mental state the same level of care. Seeking assistance with anxiety disorder, or any mental health concern, doesn’t make you weak. The opinions of others should never prevent us from getting what we need to become better people.

Anxiety can be something that runs in our family like high blood pressure or diabetes. We may not be born with it, but it is easier for anxiety disorder to find some more than others. However, many cases develop over time from traumatic experiences, and over exposure to stress. Every case of anxiety disorder can’t be prevented, but some can. Through certain lifestyle, and diet, changes anxiety disorder can be managed. Some people turn to taking CBD, and have had amazing results, since using the product. For the Best CBD gummies UK, check out ReadersDigest list.

We are all individually responsible for our peace of mind. Taking accountability of that fact can help move us out of negative spaces.2016black-woman-anxiety This is important if one is trying to avoid situations that can cause anxiety. No one wants to be viewed as cold or selfish, but there are times when you must realize you can’t mentally handle a situation and remove yourself. Sometimes this will force you to demand those around you to be accountable for their life choices. You cannot carry everyone’s pain, and burden. There are those that would call us, and dump all of their problems on us, and if we are dealing with challenges within our own life the added negativity can create anxiety. Some don’t want advice… they just want to dump; avoid this at all costs.

Self-doubt, and insecurity breeds anxiety. Some of grew up in hostile environments that caused us to deem ourselves as less than. This hunger for validation can cause us to overthink, assume, and feel the need to justify every decision we make. Removing negativity helps, but sometimes the energy we must cut off is family. It is possible to love our family, and distance them from our decision making process. In order to achieve this one must identify the root of the need for validation. Positive affirmation will have to become a part of everyday living. We must create a regimen of positive speaking to ourselves, and accept it from others.

The truth is, as adults, we don’t have to justify or validate ourselves to anyone. The freedom comes in knowing we have choices that no one can take from us, and we don’t owe anyone our individuality or rights to see our self in a positive light. Security comes with knowing you are enough for you. Spend time getting to know yourself in truth. When you are comfortable in your own skin the room for anxiety your life diminishes. What you speak into your life, what you believe about yourself is what will manifest in your life. So, if you look in the mirror and talk down to you anxiety has to exist on all levels… because you already deem yourself as less than; the need to be seen and accepted by others will create anxiety because you don’t first accept yourself. Some may require therapy to assist them with breaking the walls of self-doubt, and some of us will simply need to decide to stop being stubborn and end the pity party.

Traumatic experiences can create anxiety. The trauma can range from a devastating car accident to sexual assault… or witnessing death. So many in black women have endured traumatic experiences, and have had no outlet to deal with the aftermath. Anxiety deepened as many of us are burdened with dark secrets. It is very important to seek an outlet to get help because regardless of what the trauma is no one deserves to live in fear at all times. Sometimes family is not the best source of help for many reasons. However, if there is someone you trust or a professional get it out. The longer we hold on to the pain and anxiety of trauma the more it eats at us on the inside. If we aren’t careful as we hurt, we will hurt those most dear to us.

Anxiety, and anxiety disorder, is very real but it doesn’t have to win. There are many options to begin dealing with this challenge. Removing negativity, not carrying the burdens of others, exercising, therapy, eating cleaner, reducing caffeine, and loving on ourselves and surrounding ourselves with people that love on us can help prevent or manage anxiety. There are instances whereby medication is needed, be sure to do this under the supervision of a health care professional. Weigh all of your options as medication often has side effects. As black women we must come together as a community to be there for each other when anxiety threatens to harm is. We must be a positive life force for another Sistahs so that she doesn’t succumb to the darkness of anxiety.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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2 Responses to “Anxiety Does Not Have to Win.”
  1. Leora says:

    Christian, this is an excellent piece and timely too. Anxiety just begin to bother me and I went to week a mental health therapist because enough is enough and it’s hard to cope. Thank you for the love intricately woven into this article. God bless you. My anxiety will lessen once I personally. Real away from family. I have been everyone’s dump truck and it’s over for that lifestyle.


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