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Why Should Men if We Won’t.

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( There has been a lot of chatter among some sistahs that black men don’t value, support, love nor stand in solidarity with us. The media definitely has no problem pushing that divisive position. We could make the argument for or against black men. Some sistahs are taking this stance publically based solely on their personal experience and life. So yes, there are positive black men that are paying for the sins of another. Yes, there are some black men that don’t value black men. Before anyone shouts…please put down your stones in this here glass house. There are, contrary to popular believe, black women that do not value, support, love nor stand in solidarity with black men.

Yes, there are black women that love and support black men to no ends; yet there are some black men that blame all sistahs for the sins of the one who hurt him. See, this argument can go both ways. blackwomen2017As a people we stand with one another…and there are some that don’t. The more damaging issue I see that some black women want from a black man what they won’t give themselves…nor another black woman. It’s time to take the masks off and speak some truth that may not feel good, but can bring about change.

Sistahs we must love ourselves, and each other. We must get to a place whereby we respect the differences, and beauty of one another. Many of us would agree it’s disrespectful for a black man to call us a bitch…ok they we would we call each other such an offensive thing. I hate to have to say this, but the definition does not change when you use it. A bitch is a female dog no matter who uses the term. We ca not expect me to value and acknowledge a queendom that we ourselves do not value. It’s terrible when we put each other down based on skin tone. It’s not just black men that have something ugly to say about dark skinned sistahs…other sistahs speak ugly also. It’s not just black men that treat bright skinned sistahs like they are fast or stupid…other sistahs give this treatment also.

During the Olympics there was negative chatter about Gabby Douglas’s hair. The shameful thing was black women spoke against this black woman that has represented herself, and us, in a graceful manner. Sistahs showed how much we internally hate the hair on our own hair. There was absolutely no justification for many of us coming for her. She is an athlete, and was competing…she will sweat and the edges will go their natural thing. If it were us we’d look the same. Yet, we say black men don’t like our natural hair. The double standard about this shaming will never be okay.

Queens recognize Queens. Sistahs we must stand together, and truly show love to one another. This can only happen when we decide, no matter what anyone has to say, to love ourselves. We must allow the positive beautiful energy to dwell richly within us. Black men haven’t gone anywhere, but why should we hold them accountable for pouring goodness into us when we don’t pour it into ourselves. We are greatness, and beauty personified; we must believe it and walk in it. When we uplift another black woman we are uplifting ourselves. No one can do this if we won’t.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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