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3 Tips for Living a Joyful Life.

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( I do not see joy and happiness as rewards for fulfilling or reaching our goals. Joy and happiness are gifts we are given to experience throughout our life’s journey. It is through connecting with joy that we are able to fully experience freedom within ourselves and in our outer reality.

Joy is not a result of material possessions but rather a sense of self worth, self love and faith to be open to the experiences of life. When we look to experience life as opposed to controlling life, our mind and spirit expands allowing us the opportunity to live in perpetual joy.

You can create joy in your life by:

1. Embrace the New. Open yourself to new things, ideas and peoblackwomansmilingple coming into your life. As a culture, we have embraced this “me and mine” before all others mentality which limits our ability to fully expand. We have come to a point where we are proud of the fact that we do not have new friends, do not visit new places or try new things. This mentality is a sign that we are having an inner struggle trusting ourselves to choose what or who to open up to. Everything we want or desire comes through people, when we limit our exposure to people, we limit our ability to reach new heights.

2. Turn Your Negatives into Positives. Learn to see the beauty and abilities associated with each life experience. Rather than wasting time and energy nagging and worrying about a negative situation, may use of that same energy to find the lesson in the situation. The sooner you get the lesson, the sooner you pass the class. Learn to seek the silver lining in your life experiences, everything happens for a reason. Look for the positive rather than the negative. Our perspective greatly shifts the way we endure and expand in life.

3. Open Yourself to Receive. Most people do not have what they desire because they talked themselves out of it. The inner conversation we have with ourselves is rooted in our self love, esteem, worth and value. We have the ability to speak life or fear into our beings. If you desire to go back to school yet constantly tell yourself you do not have the time or the money, then the time nor the money will never arrive. If you desire a healthy romantic relationship yet tell yourself all the good men/women are taken, you will constantly attract good men/women who are taken. Allow yourself the opportunity to be happy in life! Speak love and light into your being. Remind yourself of your qualities, your work and your mission. Open your mind and heart to receiving your soul requests.

It is truly a process to reprogram the way we communicate with ourselves but this level of inner alchemy has the power to shift your inner and outer reality in ways you may not have imagined.


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