Sunday, June 16, 2024

For Our Children.

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( Sistahs life, as Black women in this country, has NEVER been a walk in the park.  From the slave ships to now there has always been a struggle for validation, and the acknowledgement of our humanity.  To say I am a human being, regardless of color, I am valuable, and the children I carry in my womb MATTER.  My babies are not, as I am not, expendable.  My babies are not less than.  My babies are not born violent.  My babies are not inhumane. Why lie to us about “freedom”, and equal protection under the law.  There are so many statements we can make, and questions we can ask.  However, many of us want to know what’s the point?  Why continue to fight?  Why continue to care?  Why continue when we know there is a very good chance our baby’s insides will be laid to bare?  The answer to why is very simple…For Our Children.  With that being said we must remember the key to our children is our MEN.

Let’s be transparent for a moment.  Some of us are mad as hell at our men.  We feel they don’t support us enough.  They aren’t there for their kids.  They decided not to love us.   We are not loved, nor adored.  Our men just plain don’t appreciate us.  Worst of all…they don’t see nor acknowledge us.  Ok Sistahs…I hear you, but there is one simple problem…that isn’t completely the case. Every brother is not negligent regarding us just like every sistah doesn’t behave like a queen.  This is necessary to understand because just like the police profile our men…we can be tricked into doing so also.

The deal is simple…WE NEED THEM.  Admitting we need our counterpart is not a sign of weakness, but an acknowledgement that can empower us and save our babies.  For our children we must clear the air with our men.  They must have a fighting chance to make strong men of their sons, and protect their daughters.  We see that our people are being killed in the street; we must secure a future for our children.  It’s time out for the petty foolishness; we must truly walk in the power of our femininity…it is indeed powerful.

Sistahs, we must invoke the magic that is our heritage…not merely in entertainment or sports.  We must summon this magic to the forefront of our homes.  Allow our sons to see it in our walk, teach our daughters from our hands and empower our men from the very nature of our being.  For our children WE MUST GIVE BLACK MEN CHARGE.  We must charge them to protect us, and the children.  This is not accomplished by fighting, fussing, cussing and trying to be them.  We summon this gift from believing in ourselves, and remembering that as black women in this country we are built to command greatness of our men, and demand it of ourselves.  Ladies, the life of our men and children are on the line.

Lastly, we must wake up so we can take our place as a wise voice in movement.  We give birth to the nation so we must be able to remind our warriors to never forsake the lives of our babies in wreckless movement spawned from the ultimate anger.  Though their feelings are justified we must allow our word to wash over them like cool healing water.  We must be able to say King plan…and strike, but prepare…how can I assist you.  Without our men we cannot reproduce ourselves…and our children are no longer protected.  Sistahs we cannot keep them alive alone. For our children we must love fiercely.  We must become the catalyst for healing in our community, and with our men.

The lives of our men are tied to the safety, and existence of our children.  I know some of us are angry, but we must set aside emotions and feelings and open our eyes…there is blood in the streets.  We are the mothers, nurturers, teachers and queens of a people.  We are important; our men will not survive if we don’t dig deep and summon our greatest strength.  If they don’t make it…our children die.  Sistahs, for our children…for our men, and for each other lets assemble.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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