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A Quick Introduction To Awesome Christening Gifts.

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( If your friend has a newborn child, you may be expecting a christening invitation in the post anytime soon. Christenings are a great time of joy and give you the chance to catch up friends who you may not have seen in quite some time. It is also the time when people shower the little bundle of joy with lots of special gifts. Not too sure what to buy your friend’s new son or daughter? Here is our guide to some awesome christening gift ideas.


Sure, a baby may not be old enough to wear jewelry just yet, but it is still a very popular christening gift. One very popular item that is often given is a silver bracelet that has the baby’s name and date of blackbaby-christeningbirth inscribed on it. However, as many people will probably go with this option, how about opting for something different. Earrings and necklaces are great choices as they can be saved and worn once the baby has grown up. Need some inspiration? Take a look at the elf-925 sterling silver jewelry collection.

Words Of Advice

Do you have some favorite words that you always turn to when you need empowering? You could get this printed and framed so that the baby can be inspired by them as they go through life. The best way to do this is to commission an artist to use the phrase or verse to create a print. You can then buy a beautiful frame for it in your local DIY store. If you have already bought some jewelry for the baby, you could get the piece inscribed with these words too.

Trinkets And Keepsakes

Trinkets and keepsakes are another popular christening gift. This is because the baby can keep them throughout their life and use them as a reminder of their christening. Small teddy bears and silver photo frames are commonly given at christenings these days. Some other not-so-common trinkets include silver baby cutlery, jeweled pacifiers, and golden thimbles.


Money is a fantastic gift idea. The parents can choose to either use it now for something practical for the baby or to save it for their child to use it when he or she is older. If you are planning on getting the baby money, ask the parents in advance if they would rather it in cash or as a check. They will probably want a check if they want to save it in a bank account. There is no set amount when it comes to gifting money. Just give as much as you can afford.


Babies grow super quickly, and the parents will feel like they are constantly buying new baby grows and clothes! To make things easier for them and their bank balance, how about buying the baby some nice clothes? A cute dress would be a brilliant christening gift for a girl. If they have a boy, you could buy him some smart booties or soft pajamas.

Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to decide which gift to buy!

Staff Writer; Angye Carter

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