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There is No Peace Without Control.

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( The world we live in presents constant challenges that fuel stress, anxiety, insecurity and anger. Many of us are constantly trying to channel peace into our lives. Some of us pray, use meditation, exercise or find alternative ways to alleviate negativity we accumulate in the course of a day. Regardless of how much work is done in effort, many find themselves fighting an uphill battle to acquire, and maintain, peace. If we are not careful we end up on a rollercoaster of stress verses peace.

As woman, at times it can seem very difficult to reel in our feelings and emotions. When faced with compiling adversity we often make the mistake of allowing our emotion state, and feelings, to determine how we will respond to a matter or person. In this space we end up saying and doing things we later regret. If we are ones to pray and meditate it can seem ineffective as our emotions take the whee2016-black-women-peacel. While on this rollercoaster we can not obtain, and maintain, peace of mind or spirit.

Peace begins with control. We must know ourselves, and be honest about our limits. Peace is not an outward entity…it resides inside of us. It allows us to remain in a calm state as we rationalize our movements throughout our day. Prayer and meditation maintains our peace when we arrest our negative emotions and feelings. This would lead one to understand that we do not have to respond to life in a chaotic manner. To be in control of ones self is to acknowledge feelings, and emotions then make life decisions based upon reason, and principal. As our integrity and character grow we’ll see increase in our peace because we are truly unmoved by foolishness. Everyone around us…on our job, in our home, church wherever could be upside down, but because we have control of our own energy peace flows freely in, and from us.

As Black women this is very important giving all the many challenges we face in this society. We can not change the way another person chooses to see us, but we can control how we see ourselves. We don’t have to fulfill the stereotype type of the “angry black women”. We can keep our cool, and peace while competently addressing adversity. Ushering control, hence peace, into our universe would alter the nature of our presence returning it to that of commanding verses demanding. We would see a surge in grace, poise and true feminine power while keeping our individuality.

Mastering control is to live with peace of mind, and spirit. Sisters we owe it to ourselves to live a life devoid of negativity, and health challenges that are stress related. Peace is the counter to anxiety, and assists with healthy blood pressure. Control, and peace, allows us to hear and see straight. We wouldn’t find ourselves blinded by emotion, anger, rage nor insecurity. The positive state of being also aids our interactions in relationships with our significant other, children, family and community. When we are in control of our emotions and feelings we can truly hear and understand the position of others. This understanding allows us to usher peace into a matter.

If you want to get off the emotional rollercoaster realize peace can only be obtained truly when we are in control of our being. This can come through belief systems, meditation, prayer, or chanting….but it must be powered by the will, and determination, to be in control of ones self. We will find that we can truly live a life whereby no matter what we face we are cool, calm, collected and in a powerful state of peace inside.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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