Sunday, July 21, 2024

Talk It and Walk It.

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( There is so much going on in our communities from economic disparity and political buffoonery to our kids literary gunning each other down while being gunned down in the streets. So many get on social media to post about current events and tragedies, and appear to be in complete outrage. However, one must ask what next. Yes, we can get signs, and get loud marching in the streets… whether peaceful or violently what are we actually protesting about. What is our blueprint for this movement? Many feel the past is irrelevant in light of what we face now though they were able to get laws changed, and right now we are just loud. Sistas we have always been at the foundation of movement, and we at the heartbeat in our homes and communities. At what point will we say ok social media is cool, but we must get out and do.

There must be a balance between talking and action. One without the other will lead to misunderstanding, and confusion. SistaThySistas-2016-BlackWomens we come from a legacy of mastery organizers whether it’s in our churches, sororities, or community centers. We must help create an environment whereby we can come together with our men and organize in solidarity. Its time out for thinking either side, male or female, can do this alone.

Sistas we need men to have our kids, and they are as much a part of the solution as we are. For the sake of the future, our babies, we must use our grace and intelligence to work with our men. In this space we would actually be able to put social media to better use in organizing, and dispensing useful information. In this zone, talking is effective and not just a hollow cry of anger.

Once we have productively talked we must get out in our community and put hand to it. We can’t wait for the government, politicians nor city officials to do what they “promise”. It is our responsibility to play an active part in saving our children as sure as we gave birth to them. This takes wisdom, courage and the protection of our men. Yes, we must get off of our computers, tablets and phones and get out into the neighborhood and enact lasting change. With that being said we must acknowledge there will be conflict. We will have to work with our youth, as propaganda has miseducated them. Yes, this will be a battle for the 85 between those that have sold out their people for mere capital gain verses those that want the people AWAKE, and capable of thinking for themselves.

Sistas we are important to the movement, and it is time for us to rise up and take a more productive place as a whole. We must be the change we so greatly need to see. While we are on social media talking about who wore what, who did what, and encouraging petty behavior… we have other Sistas that are burying their children. We must talk change, empower change and be walk change. The time to stand is now for our community suffers with every incarceration, and meaningless death in our community. We are the bearers of life… the mothers of a community and nation. We must stand… and walk.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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One Response to “Talk It and Walk It.”
  1. Marque Anthony says:

    Watch the video below PLEASE.
    Even though the speaker denies the negative impact and injury of slavery, he has the information on the black woman (not all black women of course)right on point – like it or not.

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