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Sisters Don’t Have to be Enemies.

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( Society has a habit of telling us how we ought to think, feel and view the world. It goes even further by instructing us on how to see ourselves, and other black women.  Unfortunately, too many of us have believed the hype…black women can’t get along. We fight behind skin color, hair texture, men, jobs and who has what. If society tells it there is nothing that unites us but death and even that is short lived. It is impressed upon us that we out number black men so, yes you guessed it, we fight tear each other down behind a man.

What if…we viewed being a black woman as beautiful, sacred and special? What if we looked at each other as sisters in unity verses deadly competition? What if the child of the next sister was just as important to you as your own, and she valued your child in kind? What if we came together to nurture, and raise the community instead of trying to do everything alone? What if we supported and helped each other elevate in the job place instead of setting one another up for failure! What if we saw the marriage of our sister as sacred and we stood with her so that she is the best wife and mother she can be…verses moving in on her husband at the first sign of trouble? Lastly, what if we lifted each other up in prayer and © Copyright 2011 CorbisCorporationmeditation, and sent strong positive energy to each other?

The answer is simple…we would be stronger as a people, and we have been stronger. The lies that society tells us does not match our history. If we couldn’t come together what shape would we be in? Many churches are still functioning because the sisters of the sanctuary work together. Every movement we’ve had in this country has been impacted by the power of black women working together. It’s time to look at each other and say…Sister I’m not your enemy. We can not expect this society to heal our community regardless of how much damage it has caused.

We, as the mothers of community must stand together as sisters in solidarity with our men for the lives of our children. It really is just that simple. Just as our predecessors faced great challenges and struggles so do we. We may have to do a few things differently since it is 2016 and not 1950, but they laid a foundation that in principle does not change. We must see each other in a different light. Prayer, planning, organization and action must be fueled by unity and love.

It’s time to turn our attention from media that would depict us as divided, useless and destruction to ourselves, our families and each other. Hair be it relaxed or straight doesn’t determine the mindset of a sister. Each of us should have the right to our own choice regarding our hair without another black woman making us feel inferior.

The truth is ALL OF OUR HEADS are UNACCEPTABLE somewhere…so let’s love on each other. The skin color divide is destructive. Black is beautiful in all shades that is comes in, and each shade has its stereotypes to deal with. Some call one ugly, and the other a whore…neither position is positive. We must let go of the social engineering that has been breed into us to make us war amongst each other. When one of our children is killed all of our babies are in danger. When one sister is abused we must all stand with her. Society has been made a lie of before, and it’s time to do it again. We, as Black Women, don’t have to be enemies. If we could unite we would form a support team strong enough to uplift, support and protect all that is precious to us. Lest stand together.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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