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How Do You Prepare for Change in Your Life?

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( Unfortunately, for many of us life changes come about as soon as we get comfortable and content in life. Many times these changes come in the form of loss. Loss of a relationship with a lover or friend, a job, house or something we possess. Most of us hate change and rarely seek out to transform ourselves, our attitudes or our beliefs until after we have lost something and have no other option than to shift and evolve.

My question is, does change have to be something negative? Why don’t we seek to make changes in our lives when things are moving smoothly? Why must we be “comfortable“? Change is the only constant thing in our life! Change is definite, its a part of growing up on planet earth and reaching our full potential. Life Coach Ms. Blue often says “If nothing else moves you, life will“. That’s change!

As we learn to look forward to the changes that are definite to come in life and open ourselves to new possibilities, learning opportunitiesPortrait of young woman, hand on chin, looking up and chances to grow, the shift is less painful and stressful. When we are open, we no longer have to struggle and waste energy fighting the inevitable.

This doesn’t mean every change that comes about will put a big smile on our faces immediately but it definitely helps us to trust the process and realize everything that is happening is for our highest good in life. Thankfully there are steps we can take to bring ease and understanding to the life process as we prepare to change our lives, beliefs, attitudes and circumstances.

1. Determine what needs to change. Why wait on life to happen to you, when you have the power to be pro-active in your life? Truly we know what’s not working, we know what sucks the life and energy out of us, we know who we are constantly bickering with and where we have stopped growing. I recommend doing a montly evaluation to review your growth, choices, relationships and options. Remaining in a state of awareness where your personal progress is concerned places you in the position of co-Creator in your life. This is how we regain our personal power, by taking charge of our life experiences rather than waiting around for circumstances to take the lead.

2. Redefine what “Patience” means to you. For many of us, we employ patience when we are waiting on something to happen. We’re patiently waiting on a romantic partner, a bettter job, to find our purpose, to get a raise, to go back to school, to relocate… but patience isn’t about waiting or standing still. Patience is about consistency and persistence. Constantly working towards what you desire even when you don’t see results or reap the benefits immediately. Patience is all about what you do in between time, patience is preparation.

3. Accept what is! Accepting change is a struggle for many. We prefer to replay past events, traumatize ourselves thinking about what we could’ve, should’ve, would’ve done and of course, trying to figure out what we can do to fix the situation. Many times the option to return what’s no longer working is equal to forcing your feet into shoes you have outgrown, its possible but painful as hell. While releasing and moving forward is a process and shouldn’t be expected overnight, we can bring peace to our spirit and mind by visualizing ourselves attracting and moving towards something better than we’ve previously had.

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