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6 Signs Your Inner Goddess is out of Alignment.

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( We often speak of God in terms of a masculine principle, the Father and of course the harsh punisher who destroyed nations when the people were disobedient. When we go to church we’re often reminded of the Hellfire, the ultimate punishment for those who fail to believe. Most of us have more fear than love for God. The divine feminine principle has been removed from history and religion.

We are taught that men are better than women. Women are evil as Eve led Adam to eating the forbidden fruit. Women are evil and that’s why we bleed monthly. A woman is to be seen and not heard. Men are the protectors of the family. Men are the head of the household, the leader. Behind every good man is a woman.

Even us as women are disconnected from the divine feminine principle within us! When we see other women who are liberated blackwomen-talking-2016enough to speak truth to power, we develop hatred towards them. We look down on women who are aggressive enough to go after their dreams and goals in life. We will read books from men telling us how to be a woman and what men want as if our primary goal in life is becoming someone’s wife.

Women no longer crave balance within their relationships, we’re all too eager to submit to the masculine energy. We want to think like a man! It doesn’t matter that when our youth are murdered in the streets, it’s the women who organize and beat the streets for justice. It doesn’t matter that when a child is sick or anyone for that matter, they crave to have a woman nurture them back to health. It doesn’t matter that the men within our society are starting wars across the seas as well as within our own community, molesting children, raping women, selling drugs and unable to commit fully to their families.

The old heads say “a man is going to be a man”, after that man has done something foul. And still, none of that matters! We’d rather think like men, rather than fully embrace ourselves. We’d rather follow the ways of men who often remind us that a woman can’t raise a man, that a woman can’t tell a man what to do, that women is merely a support tool to assist men in fulfilling their goals and dreams.

As a spiritual coach, many of the women I work with are 45+ years old and many of them have raised their children, helped their husbands to grow their business/career and are recently divorced with no concept of self. Women who are 45+ years old who have dedicated their entire adult existence to their husband/lover are now searching for purpose in life, they are now searching for something to do with themselves because they have only been wife and mother.

Women must do better! We must allow the divine feminine to rise within us, we are responsible for the next generation of young women and we are setting a horrible example.

We are so disconnected that we fail to realize the obvious so today we are discussing 4 signs that you are disconnected from your inner goddess.

1)      Unable to Collaborate with other Women – Can you believe in 2016 we, as women, are still telling our daughters not to trust women? I find this hilarious simply because we instill a distrust of women in our daughters as though we are not women ourselves. The plot thickens as these girls develop into women themselves and being to distrust their mother’s advice and knowledge simply because she too is a woman. I often hear women telling men how they don’t get along with other women as if they’re saying something empowering. Your inability to get along with other women says something about your insecure nature, it is not a benefit and men are attracted to these type of women because they are easy to remove from their family and friends hence making controlling her easy.

2)     Constantly Battling with your Mother – If you have issues with your mother, your inner goddess is out of alignment. As an adult and a mother I have no problem admitting that mommy isn’t always right, nonetheless she is always your mother. A person’s true character can be seen in the way they deal with their mother! One day I hope to understand how women can hate their mother for something that happened in their child, yet remain madly in love with a man who physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually abuses her on a regular basis. A woman who fails to respect her mother, fails to respect herself.

3)      No Care or Concern for Children – This isn’t to say that every woman should aim to have children, I’m not speaking solely of parenting. There are wonderful mothers who are spiteful, hateful, envious step-mothers to the children of their husband or lover. There are women who spend little time with their, yet are able to fulfill the needs of their man on a regular basis. Having a dislike towards children, whether your own children or those of another, is a sign your inner goddess is out of alignment.

4)      Exploits Self Sexually – Being promiscuous without understanding is the norm for many women who jump from bed to bed (i.e. relationship to relationship) without taking the time to delve within to understand the lessons and reoccurring factors that continue to arise. Exposing one’s body for the sake of getting men’s attention is another norm for many women who desire to be in committed relationships. If you are comfortable exposing your sacred body to any rapists, molester, cheater, abuser, murderer, etc. who is passing you in the streets with the hopes of attracting a “wholesome” man, your inner goddess is out of alignment.

Let’s be clear, the rise of the Divine Feminine Principle is not about hatred towards men. All humans are carried in the wombs of women, to hate men is to disconnect from self as well. The rise of the Divine Feminine Principle is about awakening the goddess, the creatress within us. Recognizing the Divine Mother, the ultimate healer who constantly cleanses us and forgives us of our shortcomings. The Divine Mother is she who we run to for nourishment, guidance and when we are in need of a message to uplift our spirit. It is the Divine Mother who helps to interrupt our dreams, remind us our abilities and our purpose in life. Join us as we celebrate the Divine Mother Goddess during Women’s History Month at

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